A brief overview of our four callback services

    Callback service is an effective way to increase the conversion and catch the visitor at the exit from the site. The authors of the widgets promise to turn a casual visitor into a buyer and, as statistics show, personal contact increases the number of sales by several times.

    We decided to understand the differences between popular callback services, as we offer customers a full cycle of services for the development and promotion of landing pages - it is important for us to understand the specifics of services in order to effectively use the advantages and avoid disadvantages in the context of specific projects.


    A distinctive feature of RedConnect is the ability to order a call back without a pop-up window.

    In general, RedConnect has implemented three different callback order forms :
    • a dashboard placed above the contents of the site in the lower right corner, into which the phone number is entered;
    • a button to open the input form , installed anywhere on the site. Here you can choose the shape and color;
    pop-up , by default - disabled. It can be activated with the setting of two parameters: inscription and output speed.

    The main advantages of RedConnect:
    • A call is considered to have taken place only 10 seconds after the operator answers;
    • “Protection against the fool”: screening of numbers like +799922222222;
    • The ability to distribute calls along lines that reflect the hierarchy of the company;
    • Good conditions for the test period: 30 minutes for an unlimited period;
    • The main advantage of the service is an application with its own browser.

    Thanks to the browser, the operator can see all the user's actions and help him by transferring to the necessary page, which eliminates long verbal descriptions.

    • To call the client back, you need to find the phone number in your account or email (no number change);
    • You can add a contact to the black list only by contacting those. service support.

    Callback Hunter

    Callback Hunter is one of the pioneers of the callback services market in Russia. The application uses a pop-up button with a familiar design for most.

    The widget uses many criteria to analyze user behavior and addresses only “hot” customers.

    In pop-up, it is possible to select the unit from which the call will be made, as well as statistical information (number of calls for today, etc.).

    The main advantages of Callback Hunter:
    • Well adapted for mobile devices, works with iOS;
    • Fixed payment for leads without a time limit for calls;
    • SMS-notifications to the client, email-notifications about the missed call;
    • Free version of Black Edition (no calls, just sending SMS at the request of the client);
    • High detail tariffs.

    Callback Hunter also offers an affiliate program: a return of 20% of the payment of a friend brought.

    • The flip side of Callback Hunter's versatile design is the lack of ability to change it. There is also no way to change the standard labels on the form. The service changes the inscriptions itself, and as a result, the stated offer is not always relevant for the company.
    • The need to fine-tune the display of a pop-up window. For some users, setting 13 parameters can be difficult, although by setting all the parameters you can achieve maximum convenience for site visitors.

    Rocket callback

    The service uses a standard pop-up window that is visually very similar to Callback Hunter, but using a caption in the caption, which is more likely a minus than a plus. It is possible to insert a manager’s photo on the form. 10 color options, rounding corners and a choice of transparency are also available. There are 6 color schemes and the option of choosing a location for the button.

    After installing the widget, you can select the automatic mode with setting the level of "importunity" or use more subtle settings.

    The main advantages of Rocket Callback:
    • Clients, if desired, can receive SMS with the name of the manager,
    • Ability to use their own button design;
    • Unified tariff - every 50 minutes of communication with customers cost $ 7. In some cases, this may be inconvenient, but it gives the lowest price in the market for a three-minute conversation - 22.5 rubles.

    • There is no substitution of the number either on the client side or on the operator side;
    • The dialing lock type 8-999-2222222 does not work;
    • There is no individual design setting, it is impossible to replace the inscription on the form;
    • The test period of the service is only 7 minutes;


    The system also works on the basis of behavioral factors - only interested users see the callback form. 2calls allows you to fine-tune the system to the target audience and track the statistics of calls and impressions.

    The service interface is made with a reference to the Western "Django Unchained" with a hint that your manager is a good shot at working with objections and customer problems.

    The main advantage of 2calls is the ability to completely change the appearance of the widget to adapt to the site design, this implies:
    • The ability to create a separate pop-up header for each internal page of the site;
    • The ability to create an individual widget design, which is currently only available in 2calls;
    • You can offer your own design for the call button;
    • 4 options for standard pop-ups, for two of which there are 4 color schemes.

    The main advantages of 2CALLS:
    • At the end of the conversation, the manager receives an SMS with the number of the caller and the site from which the lead came;
    • Adaptation of the system for mobile devices, the availability of a version for iOS;
    • Determination of the client’s phone number online, the ability to comment on conversations;
    • Good test period conditions: 25 minutes per month;
    • A detailed system of statistics and analytics of incoming calls for any period of time with uploading to Excel.

    • No protection against non-existent numbers;
    • To adjust the form display parameters, additional settings are required.

    During the study, it became clear that the main functions of callback services are approximately the same :
    • they integrate with CRM systems;
    • adapted for mobile devices;
    • use behavioral factor analytics algorithms;
    • provide call statistics.

    There is a difference in tariffs: payment is made for the number of minutes or the number of calls, depending on the specifics of the business, this may matter.

    The main service guidelines are different:
    RedConnect does not use a pop-up window to order a call, which makes the service as unobtrusive as possible.
    Callback Hunter has a wide tariff network with different sets of functions and even a free version.
    Rocket Callback offers the lowest average cost per call.
    2CALLSmakes it possible to use an individual design for pop-up and buttons. This is important, since a unique widget will harmoniously fit into any site and reduce the feeling of obsession.

    In the end, it is worth emphasizing that the use of callback services can indeed increase conversion, but the combination of high-quality, interesting content and a suitable widget is much more important.

    For us, for example, functionality is important, but broad design tools are also of great importance to maintain the integrity of all page elements .
    For sites in high demand products, it is important to find the best option for cost, for others, on the contrary, adjustment for each client is important. Different services, as we have found, offer different possibilities, so before installing the widget it is important to understand what kind of interaction with customers you expect from it.

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