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    Email marketing in Russia is relatively young. Many already understand the importance of mailing lists to increase customer loyalty, but few have mastered this tool perfectly. On the topic of email marketing, consultations, webinars are held, sections at conferences on Internet marketing are dedicated to this ...
    And if you have made at least one newsletter, and if you distinguish between the concepts of "mailing" and "spam", then this material is for you!


    Surprisingly, despite the growing interest in Email marketing, until now there has not been a single profile conference outside the capitals dedicated to this topic from and to. Correct this glaring misunderstanding going to the capital of the Urals. Yekaterinburg is a large city, and there will be a specialized conference on Email marketing on October 16, 2015 (that is, very soon!), And now we will tell you why we are certainly going there ourselves (as a team), and why it is important for you to be there.

    Yekaterinburg has been in Ekaterinburg for 3 years (although it’s not important for IT, especially since among the customers it’s not regional, it’s also not from Russia), Inbox Marketing is seriously engaged in competent mailings and holds seminars on this topic. Co-founder and managing partner of the company Daniil Silantiev- A coveted speaker at any event that touches on the topic of email marketing, he recently made a guest talk at a specialized conference in Kiev, and now decided to organize his own, Russian. In general, we can confidently say that the organizers of this conference are not just “in the subject”, but some of the best in this topic. This is the first . Secondly , by looking at the conference program


    , it becomes obvious: these people have a lot to learn. In one day you can hear the strongest speakers - representatives of the largest email platforms and companies that send out millions of messages per month. Just to list: GetResponce, Get-in-Post, SendPulse, eSputnik, EmailSoldiers, Badoo, E96. And the issues will be raised very different, right down to the legal aspects associated with the newsletters.

    Thirdly, people who are interested and understand the importance of good email marketing gather at the conference. This is the best place to establish contacts with colleagues, and questions for speakers, like the reports themselves, promise to be useful precisely from a practical point of view. And of course, it will be possible to ask specifically your own sore question to those who really can suggest a solution. One day can give not one, and not two, but dozens of practical techniques that will allow you to communicate more effectively with your customers.

    It’s worth visiting Ekaterinburg, which is famous for its IT community and is not only the capital of the Russian SaaS, but also the birthplace of the Russian Pycon, the venue of the DUMP conference, and now also claims to be the pioneer in email marketing.

    I almost forgot the main thing! BeforeSeptember 16 (inclusive) the maximum discounts apply !



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