Twitter can now be used as your own online store

    Social networks and services have now begun to adapt to the requirements of e-commerce companies and individual users who want to sell things and services on such resources. The other day, the introduction of a publicly accessible online store was announced by the domestic social network Vkontakte.

    Now the opportunity to sell things is being tested by Twitter. For this, the microblogging service uses the capabilities of the Stripe service, writes USATODAY. The task of the service, according to its founders, is to simplify the purchase and sale of things through mobile devices. On Monday, Stripe introduced a toolkit for Twitter, and the microblogging service decided to try out these tools immediately.

    Now Twitter is experimenting with the capabilities of Stripe, and some companies, for example, the manufacturer of glasses Warby Parker, are carefully trying to work with all this.

    According to forecasts, by 2017 the volume of the e-commerce market will increase to $ 720 billion. This year the figure was $ 300 billion. The Stripe service itself was launched four years ago, and now a large number of Internet companies use the opportunities provided by this company.

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