Shopping from mobile devices: new trends in mobile shopping in Ukraine and the world (infographic)

    According to a report by Juniper Research, the number of online purchases in the world will reach 125 billion by 2018. According to experts, a significant increase in online purchases will be due to mobile devices. Earlier, we shared global indicators of mobile payments in infographics , in this material new figures and trends of the Ukrainian market.

    According to Juniper Research, the main factors that will affect the growth in the number of purchases from mobile devices are “purchases on the go.” Users will use their free time in the presence of high-quality network access (the growth of free Wi-Fi, 3G access points) for online purchases, for example, while waiting for transport or while on the go.
    According to shopping analysis, through WayForPay, in the summer, there has been an increase in the number of purchases from mobile devices. In the summer, the proportion of purchases from mobile devices reached 18%, while in May the indicator was at the level of 13% -14%. This growth could be due to the launch of 3G in Ukraine.
    Also, when analyzing purchases from mobile devices through WayForPay, it is noted that Ukrainian users are more likely to use mobile phones for shopping than tablets. The share of mobile purchases was 11%, while purchases from tablets accounted for about 7%.
    In addition, Ukrainian “mobile” buyers are more likely to use Android devices, but buyers with IOS have an average check higher. The average purchase using Android devices is 475 UAH, and for fans of iPhone and iPad - 686 UAH.
    In a global study of mobile payments by Adyen, payments via iPhone accounted for 36% of all payments made by mobile devices. The average transaction amount is about 83 euros. The average payment from Android devices is 75 euros.
    At the same time, Android users tend to make purchases more often on Sundays, with devices on iOS more often occur on Fridays. The most successful time for purchases after 19.00
    The highest average check in the “Computers / TV / Multimedia” category when purchased from mobile devices is about $ 242. Approximately $ 198 is the average mobile purchase in the “Books, Music, Games” category. Comparatively, the lowest average check for flowers and gifts is just $ 41. In Ukraine, the top 3 categories for buying from a mobile device are “Tickets, Tourism”, “Clothing and Accessories”, “Food and Drinks”. The highest average check in the category “Tickets, tourism” - more than 1800 UAH. This category includes the purchase of airline tickets, railway and bus tickets, as well as hotel reservations.
    The active use of mobile devices in everyday life, undoubtedly, gives motivation for online businesses to improve the “mobile channels” of sales. But while most use mobile gadgets as a tool to search for goods and services. So according to, 91% - buyers use mobile to make a purchase decision. 55% - use mobile devices to find the best price. But, nevertheless, an audience is already being formed that loves to buy from a mobile and prefers to choose and pay for the goods as conveniently and simply as possible. 22% - customers said they would love to use the “one-click” payment option when buying from a mobile.
    Mobile commerce is growing 3 times faster than ecommerce. The transition to a “mobile” sales format must have a high-quality implementation on the part of the Internet business in order to convert a visitor from a mobile device into a full-fledged buyer. Sufficient attention should be paid both to the development of the application, the mobile version of the site, and the correct implementation of receiving payments from mobile devices.

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