Cash for buying a ticket is no longer needed - you can pay for the fare using your phone

    Three largest domestic telecommunication companies - MTS, MegaFon and VimpelCom launched the Mobile Ticket service. This service allows you to pay for travel in Moscow public transport using your smartphone, writes RBC. In addition, the project partner is the technological company Breeze Technologies LLC.

    To work with the new service, a subscriber of any of the companies listed above must have a gadget with an NFC chip. Plus, there should be a special SIM card that is compatible with NFC and supports a chip with the Troika single card technology.

    When paying for travel by phone, the amount at Troika’s rates will be charged from the user's account. Replenishment of the Mobile Ticket account is carried out from the e-wallet account, from a mobile account or from an account of an attached bank card. Even if the phone’s battery is completely discharged, the passenger will be able to complete one transaction.

    Now about 60 models of devices that are currently sold in Russia are compatible with the Mobile Ticket service. Last year, MegaFon salons sold about 18% of models with NFC, of ​​the total smartphone sales in Russia. In addition, the number of NFC-enabled devices sold has doubled over the past year.

    In the future, such a system will be used to carry out small transactions, including paying for bicycle rental, shopping in stores, etc.

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