It’s impossible to live in Innopolis: “Everyone howled, and some wanted to quit”

    Acronis registered in Tatarstan. But not in the new town of Innopolis, but in Kazan's IT-park, Realnoe Vremya reported. Innopolis is better for its tax regimes, but:

    “All the employees who now work in the IT-park went to Innopolis. Although we are not residents, we already have an office there, but it is impossible to live there. Everyone howled, and some wanted to quit, ”said Acronis CEO Sergei Belousov. Nevertheless, the CEO and founder of Acronis and other companies is optimistic: “If in Skolkovo you can doubt that they will do something, there is no one specifically responsible, then it’s clear who is responsible - Minnikhanov, Nikiforov, Shaikhutdinov. Therefore, everything will be built. "

    When Innopolis was planned, we were told that in 15 minutes it would be possible to get from the city center to Innopolis. While this is not so: you need to go for about an hour. As I understand it, as Innopolis begins to move in, it will create residential houses around it, and it will take even longer to go.

    IT-Park - multi-purpose. Recently, it hosted an international forum of Orthodox youth ...

    Acronis claims to be a resident of the Innopolis Special Economic Zone. Belousov expects that some 50 developers will someday be able to work in the city, Kommersant said. Some of the employees could be graduates of the same university. In 2014, Acronis (and another Belousova company, Parallels), as well as Minister of Communications Nikolay Nikiforov, chairman of the board of directors of Russian Electronics, a member of Rostec, Denis Sverdlov, partner at AT Consulting integrator Sergey Shilov, MTS, “ Megaphone ”and others sponsored the university.

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