Cheaper than 1C-Bitrix 3.5 times. Online store on Joomla 3 with 1C: Enterprise integration

Before making an important decision, to purchase an online store and start a business on the Internet, I suggest you stop for a start. Think carefully. And weigh all the financial indicators.

According to the specifics of my work, (and I work as a specialist in 1C implementation of configurations 1C: Trade Management, 1C: Production Enterprise Management 1.3, 1C: Small Business Management, 1C: ERP Enterprise Management 2.0), and having extensive experience in introducing 1C configurations in trade and manufacturing enterprises, I know 1C: Enterprise well with all its consequences.

In this article I want to give a comparison in cost and help start-up businessmen reduce their future expenses by several times, and also get much more than they initially offer us in the market.

I conducted an audit and calculated what costs are required to open an online store on the well-known
1C-Bitrix platform .

Why exactly 1C-Bitrix? Because this is the only system where the integration of the site with 1C is supported right out of the box.
Honestly, this amount is very surprising. Consider the cost of an online store according to the principle: CMS + website template + 1C: Trade Management 11.1 + 1C integration with CMS.
Filling the site, hosting, styling a template, etc. we will not evaluate, because this is additional work and you can either do it yourself, or hire people, or not at all at your discretion.

We count.

Costs of 1C-Bitrix:

1) Initially, you will need to buy the 1C-Bitrix edition. The most suitable and economical option is1C-Bitrix: Small Business
The editorial staff includes 31 modules. Basic online store. Cost: 28 952 rub.
“Open your online store with minimal cost. Place any number of products in the catalog, manage discounts and delivery. Integrate the store with 1C and Yandex.Market. ”

2) A good online store template for Bitrix: from 9000 to 19900 rubles. Example:

3) The main supply 1C: Trade Management 11.1- 17,400 rubles + two client licenses 6300 x 2 = 12,600 rubles. Why two? In the main delivery, 1 license + 2 is additionally acquired. We get one license for the manager, the second for the manager, and the third for the warehouse or accounting at your discretion. If you can always buy.

3) Honestly, I’m not familiar with 1C-Bitrix in detail, but some offices (which I found on the Internet) offer help in setting up synchronization of 1C-Bitrix. This joy costs from 36,000 rubles. and includes:

1. Audit of 1C-Bitrix and 1C platforms for the possibility of typical integration out of the box. 4 500 rub.
2. Configuring integration with 1C using typical exchange mechanisms from 1c and the site, setting up parameters for import and export of items. 7 500 rub.
3. Configuring integration with 1C from the side of the site, configuring import and export orders. Integration setup on the 1C side. 7 500 rub.
4. Setting up data exchange in real time. 4 500 rub.
5. Consultation of a 1C specialist on technical issues related to integration settings and the public part of the catalog during the operation of the solution (after completion of work on stage (s) of paid integration). The minimum package is 3 hours. 4,500 rubles I

forgot to clarify: we are considering only licensed software. No other options are provided and I do not advise you to exclude unnecessary problems with the copyright law.

Total results: 114 852 rubles.
Space money! Moreover, this is a site without content and without hosting.

And now we consider an alternative.
Oddly enough, as an alternative, I will take the world famous CMS Joomla .
To use the online store on CMS Joomla, we use the free module of the VirtueMart online store .
As the characteristics of the online store I took CMS Joomla 3.x + module VirtueMart 3 + module integration site on Joomla with 1C.

As a module for integrating Joomla with 1C, the modern IT services market offers many options. Most of them are based on the fact that some additional code is embedded in the “1C: Trade Management 11.1” configuration, which in the future, according to the developers, does not affect the configuration as a whole, and in return you get a good exchange with the site.
As a 1C specialist, I can tell you that with this “embedding” of the code in the configuration, the so-called “removal from support” process takes place, which all 1C nicknames like to talk about.
“The configuration is removed from support” - this means that the next time you update the 1C program, you will certainly encounter problems, errors, and other head crap. Do you need it?

I don’t, and therefore I will take a simpler module that is embedded in the root of the site and works on the principle of a standard script: Joomla 3 and 1C integration module The
cost of this module is about 5,000 rubles. The developer at purchase offers support and updating of this module.

So, we consider:

1) CMS Joomla 3.x for the operation of the online store - 0 rubles, because This CMS is available in the public domain and is distributed free of charge.
2) VirtueMart 3 module for e-commerce automation - 0 rubles.
3) An online store template for VirtueMart 3 - from 1900 rubles. up to 5000 rub.
4) The main supply of 1C: Trade Management 11.1 - 17400 rubles + two client licenses 6300 x 2 = 12600 rubles.
5) The integration module Joomla 3 and 1C - 5 000 rubles. Setting according to instructions. No extra costs are foreseen. The

total is 36,900 rubles.
Savings: 114 852 - 36 900 = 77 952 rubles. Or 3.5 times cheaper!

At the same time, the joint work of the online store on Joomla 3 with 1C: Trade Management 11.1 is similar to work in 1C-Bitrix:

At the same time, there are many additional modules and plugins for CMS Joomla (both paid and free) that will expand the functionality of your site to modest ones heights. At the same time, free hosting is also suitable for CMS Joomla.
And with 1C-Bitrix, everything is much more expensive.

Conclusion: For any business, the most important and important thing is a speedy payback in a short time. On software, you can significantly save on the initial opening of a business, while significantly reducing costs and getting the necessary functionality for the full-fledged work of the company.

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