“Stories with Languages” (Issue 2): development, analysis, results

    Inspiration for achieving life goals can and should be drawn from other people's success examples. In a magical way, we are stimulated by celebrity stories about their hard work on the way to gaining fame, fame and significant royalties.

    We already wrote about our launch of a PR campaign called “Stories with Languages” , in which famous people give an interview to our journalist on Skype. We believe that such stories stimulate language freelancers and, of course, popularize our service for use.

    At least in one we were not mistaken for sure, they read such material with pleasure. This can be seen by the number of views of the first article-interview from the cycle, in comparison with other articles on the blog of our site.

    What are the results after a month from the date of the first interview we received?

    It should be noted that the total number of transitions to the English-, Russian- and Ukrainian-language versions of the article was almost the same as the most popular article on the blog about the beauty of languages, and almost 3.5 times more than any article with an average number views. It turns out that the coverage that the interview article attracted corresponds to the coverage of a small online media.

    It is also worth considering the fact that in order to attract readers, in fact, no additional funds (including material) were involved, except for SMM.

    Another interview from the cycle appeared on Polyglot in early August. This time, the conversation took place with the artist of the club sceneZhanna Ona (Barcelona), who shared her experience regarding learning two foreign languages ​​at once. For many people in our time, knowledge of only English is no longer sufficient, but they are afraid of difficulties and doubt that they will master several languages ​​at a mediocre level. Perhaps this interesting story will help inspire doubters.

    Judging by how the events of the project develop, we can clearly see that, nevertheless, the social component in the subject matter of materials, readers are much more interested than professional. We can say that we are quite satisfied with the initial results of the implementation of the project. So readers can count on the further development of “Stories with Languages,” which we think will help people to strengthen their desire to learn foreign languages, as well as inspire them to achieve new life frontiers.

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