How Application Video Preview Helps Attract Users

    The level of consumption of video content by users is constantly growing. According to the forecast of analytical agencies, by 2018 its share in global traffic will be about 65%. Whether it’s a YouTube clip, a Netflix series, or social media videos, video is one of the most attractive types of content for users.

    The popularity and attractiveness of the video for the user can be used to increase the number of downloads of your application - this is an excellent strategy, which often gives a very good result. Let's see how it works.

    Role of video in application promotion

    In a recent Adcolony study, 100 developers participated. The study participants know exactly how to make good applications - each of them (both the company and the individual) is the author of at least one application with 500,000 paid downloads per month.

    And almost all of them used video to attract users, preferring this particular method of promotion. After the video, according to respondents, there are already other paid and free methods of promotion, such as advertising on Facebook or the media.

    Video comes first

    In the same study , video as a tool to attract users this year is 2.3 times more popular than advertising on social networks and 23 times more popular than regular banners.

    The video can also be used as a tool for the App Store Optimization (ASO) (we already talked about this in the Appodeal blog with our friends from SplitMetrics). Both the AppStore and Google Play allow publishers to download video previews for applications. Such videos help users understand the essence of the application and its advantages over analogues. Downloading a promotional video allows you to go up a bit higher in search than applications without a video (of course, this does not always happen, but quite often). At the same time, a well-chosen icon / thumbnail of the video along with screenshots allows you to increase the conversion level. If the video is not too attractive and not addictive from the first seconds, the user will simply skip the application page and search further.

    Video can become virus support for your program. For example, one of the most successful mobile games of all time, Clash of Clans, was advertised using a video with actor Liam Neeson during the 2015 Super Bowl broadcasts. Of course, it was an expensive pleasure, but it was worth it. 53 million video views, hundreds of thousands of application downloads, hundreds of thousands of active players - the creators of Clash of Clans clearly know what needs to be done to advance.

    Clash Of Clans App Preview Video

    Varieties of demo video for applications

    It has already been mentioned that videos created to promote the application should attract the attention of the user from the first second. Here are the most effective formats for this video:

    Preview for app (iOS)

    Such a video can be an effective tool to increase the number of downloads. Apple's guide limits the duration of the video to half a minute. It is worth considering that the iOS App Preview Video cannot be localized to different countries. Therefore, if the application is universal and can be used by residents of many countries, you should not create voice dubbing - in China, no one will understand anything if the dubbing is in Spanish. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Apple manual in detail before starting work on creating the video.


    Packshot in a general sense is a still or dynamic image of an advertised product. In commercials, it may be a close-up of the promoted product and / or elements of the corporate identity of the company (often - the slogan). Packshot might look like this:

    Animated videos

    Cartoons are a good way to make friends with the user, because this kind of videos look immediate, friendly, attractive. In general, this is a rather successful move, and we recommend using it sometimes.

    Live demo

    It’s difficult to name this kind of video, but almost all of these videos use sights, architectural monuments and actors who play a role, for example, of a tourist. Using this video, you can very quickly show which problem or issue the application solves, why the user needs it. A video of such a plan can be used to promote the application on various channels, including social networks, a company’s blog, and TV.

    Ok, I want to make a video. What is needed for this?

    Regardless of which format you plan to use, creating a quality promotional video requires planning. Here are four points to consider.

    1. The scenario. Even the smallest video requires careful planning. The script will help you determine the key moments of the video, which will show the benefits of the application. You can focus on the main functions of the application, on the problems that it solves, or on the advantages of your program in relation to analogues. Remember that video should collect views, which are then converted to downloads. Therefore, at the end of the video should be a call to action. Once you have selected key points for the video, you can think about the format.

    2. Storyboard.Once you have decided on the type of video, you can start the storyboard. For example, if you are creating a preview for an iOS application or shooting a pack, you need to decide how you will interact with the application during filming and what menu items you are going to show to the user. As for animated or “active” videos (live demonstration), it’s worthwhile to think about the concept of the video in advance, and frame by frame. Remember that the video should not exceed 2 minutes (30 seconds in the case of a video preview). If the video is longer, you risk losing viewers. Naturally, you need to choose the right soundtrack.

    3. Record a video.Depending on the format and budget, you need to decide whether to create the video yourself, or whether it is better to entrust this work to a professional. Keep in mind that professional work does not always mean achieving your goals. Remember that it is important for the user to understand what will happen in the application and get motivation to install it. Highly artistic, high-quality and expensive video is sometimes ineffective.

    4. Editing. Now it's time for the final version of the video. If you work yourself, it’s worth choosing, for example, iMovie (free for OS X) or Windows Movie Maker to add voice, music, animation and text. There are a lot of video editors, as well as preferences, so it’s rather difficult to advise something specific here.

    And now - hello, user!

    To get viewers who are at the same time the target audience of your application, you should choose the appropriate methods for the promotion campaign. It can be Facebook , Adwords or other promotion tools. The video should be uploaded to your blog, posted on partner sites, on YouTube and other services.

    Once again, we remind you that before creating a video for placement in the application directory, you should definitely familiarize yourself with the developer’s guide.

    Well, all that remains is to wish thousands and thousands of views with subsequent downloads of the application :)

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