"State Sign" announced a tender for the creation of cloud infrastructure

    A tender from Gosznak appeared on the government procurement website to create the first stage of cloud computing infrastructure. At the same time, the maximum amount of the contract under the plan should be 2.89 billion rubles, writes “Composition”. The winner of the competition will provide the customer with 80 pieces of equipment, including servers from Windows, IBM, Cisco and Lenovo, disk arrays and other systems.

    All this equipment is required by the State Signature Committee to host its own portal solutions and information systems. In addition, the supplier must provide the necessary documentation for antivirus software, hardware technical support, and other documents. The contractor will have to independently develop the technical and operational documentation for the supplied equipment.

    Of the 2.89 billion rubles, according to Gosznak experts, more than 2.7 billion rubles will go to the equipment itself, 142 million rubles will go to work and services, and 50 million to go to use the software.

    Applications are accepted until August 20, the results of the competition are scheduled for September 21.

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