9 product management tools

Original author: Vijay Balachandran
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Product management is a cocktail from various areas of responsibility located in the areas of business analytics, product development, project management, negotiation skills, leadership, marketing, sales ... What product managers do in a company depends on how this management area has developed in this company and specialists with what functions and skills it is not enough. But, frankly, the MP should do three things: research and development plan development, communicating ideas to developers, creating a product concept. And so on and on.

For a long time I was looking for tools suitable for the most effective business management in the role of MP. I share the finds with you (some of them are still in beta). I was looking for this:

a strategy planning tool that allows you to manage ideas and feedback,
prioritize and assist in decision-making,
visualize the top-level development stages, and link them to employees working in different “flows”;
integrate with function tracking tools, product management and other software;
interactive design
acceptable price


Advertised as a tool for strategic communication, managing the global vision of the product, and generally meets all my requirements. This almost comprehensive product offers visualization of your strategy, collaboration between teams, product function management, feedback, and prioritization.
Cons - the interface is very busy, and I can not always focus on tasks. Sometimes the workflow is quite complicated. The cost is calculated by the number of users. The most profitable plan is $ 59 / month.


Used to collect and sort feedback on various product features. You can collect user reviews within the application. You can share the information received with the co-owners of the product, arrange voting and measure interest levels. The cost depends on the number of admin licenses.


Allows you to manage requests, deadlines, assign functions, plan the workload of developers and engage in strategic planning. In general, more options are offered for project management than for product management. The interface is pretty busy. Of the benefits - integration with Jira, Github and the ability to assign web hooks. Cost starts from $ 59 per user per month.


A great tool for testing requirements and testing usability. Eliminates the need to develop work functions to test them on clients, because you can do this with high-quality layouts. There is a free trial period, and paid plans vary from $ 49 to $ 249 per month. Integrates with InVision and Axureshare.


A tool for developing plans and communication. It allows you to build plans with timelines and visual themes, plan tasks in great detail, convert them into a visual format for presentation to the team, and work together with the team on feedback. The cost depends on the number of people in the team. Product quality is confirmed by their collaboration with Paypal, Adobe and Constant Contact.


Developing plans, managing them as projects, allows you to include the community of your users in the development process. True, while there is no way to visualize collective plans, you can only view the current status of plan items. The cost of the product is the lowest among competitors, $ 9 per person per month, plus there is a free version for 1 project and 2 users.


It is positioned as an industrial-level program for product management. There are opportunities to manage plans, ideas, features, track progress and outstanding tasks, time planning ... While the project is still only at the development stage, and prices have not yet been determined. He clearly should work on usability, speed, and integration with popular project management tools.


Collaborative product management tool for professionals. Opportunities for working together on ideas and feedback, analysis of proposals and facilitating decision making. Three payment plans - entrepreneurial ($ 19 / month), professional ($ 99 / month) and premium ($ 499 / month). For work with expert and customer reviews, a fee. Supports export and import with Excel and Powerpoint. I would like to see more opportunities for integration. You can also work on the interface to make the product more attractive.


The product is still in development, and there is no way to test even the beta version. It is claimed that he will be able to help prioritize product features, taking into account such things as profitability, strategic benefits, customer interest, and development and launch costs. They plan to include collaboration support and acceptance of feedback. Planning includes presentation and analytics. It is too early to judge how real it will be useful.

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