Big conference NIXMultiConf (Kharkov)

    We know how busy you are.
    We know that you do not like unstructured information and attempts to give out irrelevant material for candy.
    We know that among the participants of our events there are guys who have not yet decided on a programming language, but they really want to “get into IT,” and therefore try to attend all industry conferences.

    And we also know a lot of things in IT and have been sharing our knowledge for more than 6 years now. Just imagine, the first conference - ThinkPHP # 1 - took place on the 30th of May of 2012 in the line of Niksov conferences! Yes, yes, this is when the dollar was 8, and IT people just got used to calling IT people, not computer geeks :).

    Since then, we have overgrown with 8 directions, held 35 conferences, presented about 105 reports, answered an average of 315 questions from the hall, made 2 moves to a new location, and now are ready not only for a larger hall, but also for a more comfortable format.

    In November, namely on the 18th, we are holding a large Nixenic Multiconference. ThinkPHP, Sync.NET, ThinkAndroid, WordPress Kharkiv, RubyRoars, ThinkPM - all these directions in one day, on one platform, on one wave.

    You will be able to move freely between destinations, choose the reports you like and independently build your “schedule”, communicate with the speakers not only during the presentations, but also during coffee breaks, pump and arrange yourself a useful Sunday (yes, there are such).

    The details of each direction and the registration button are still waiting for you in groups on the mitap, so we share the links:

    Waiting for everybody!

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