Info-marketing as a way to effectively attract customers to a startup

    The advertising market is getting hotter and hotter every day. Advertising costs are increasing and it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract user attention.

    I really like how sales are organized for those involved in PVC windows. They have a free product - it’s measured. By making a measurement, the company can already show its competence by giving free advice on installing windows and possibly other related repair topics.

    Such a model is viable in any business. Any business can have a free useful product. And moreover, this free product is not a trial version of the service, limited in time of use, but a really useful product that can benefit the client, and absolutely free of charge.

    A great option for such a product is useful information from related topics. For example, for the tourism business, it can be a video blog that talks about the features of drinking establishments in different countries. Filmed hotels, parties and other events.
    For an IT product, as in our case, free products is our packaged experience in Internet marketing. The main channel for transmitting this experience is community on social networks, blog and newsletter.

    Here is an example of how we designed and launched these resources:

    We attract potential customers to a free product, they begin to read us, study and, as a result, some part becomes customers. The main thing is to build emotional contact with the audience. Those. not only useful posts, but involving and telling the story of our development and our movement.

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