What is asked at interviews of leading IT companies

    The interview is only the beginning, but when it comes to Google, Microsoft or Apple, the tests will not take long. The process of selecting candidates takes place in several stages, each of which has its own difficulties. If you managed to write a resume correctly (which, by the way, our guide can help ) and go to the stage of a face-to-face interview - it's time to start preparing. We picked up the questions that were asked by real candidates in leading IT companies and tried to systematize them. In general, we will tell you how it happens, and then it's up to you.

    // The code

    Most often, you need to write a program that will solve a particular problem. For example, it will put spaces in the text or solve a mathematical expression. It may seem that the main thing is the result, but in fact, recruiters are much more interested in your thoughts. Do not immediately start writing an algorithm, it is better to ask clarifying questions and show that you want to study the problem before solving it. Google says that this question exists in order to hear what questions you will ask.

    1. Write a program that calculates the sum of the first n members of the series (1 + ½ + ⅓ + ...). (Google)

    2. Write a word count program in the file. (Microsoft)

    // How many ?

    The difficulty is that you need to combine arithmetic skills and common sense. It will be necessary to count not the three-story expression from Skanavi, but, for example, the amount of pizza that Americans eat in a year. The main thing is to initially make the correct assumptions, so that then you do not make mistakes in the calculations. By the way, the assumptions should definitely be voiced, because they are much more interesting to recruiters than the final figures.

    1. How many golf balls will fit on a school bus? (Google)
    This is one of the questions asked in the company to see how the applicant seeks a solution to the problem. One of the applicants found a good answer: “I presented a standard school bus 8 feet wide, 6 feet high and 20 feet long: these are approximate sizes based on my observations while standing in traffic jams behind the school bus for a long time. That means 960 cubic feet, 1728 cubic inches per cubic foot, which means about 1.6 million cubic inches. I calculated that the volume of the golf ball is about 2.5 cubic inches (4/3 * pi * 0.85), since the radius of the ball is 0.85 inches. Dividing 1.6 million by 2.5 cubic inches, you get 660 thousand golf balls. However, given the seats on the bus and other things taking up free space, as well as the spherical shape of the ball, I assumed that there will be a lot of free space between them. And I rounded the value to 500 thousand balls. "

    2. How many piano tuners are there in the world? (Apple)
    We would answer: “As much as the market requires. Suppose you need to tune the piano once a week and it takes one hour, and the tuner works 8 hours a day for 5 days a week. Then it turns out that 40 pianos require a weekly tuning. Our answer: one for every 40 pianos. ”

    // Erudition, logic, sense of humor

    Perhaps for some this group of questions will seem most tricky. It may be so, because an answer does not require special knowledge, but at the same time, not everyone can answer. Do not panic if you cannot solve the problem right away - start talking again, do not rush. and then, sooner or later, insight will descend on you.

    1. A spinning top rotates on the table. You have some pins. How to determine which way he is turning? (Microsoft)
    Open the pin, bring it lightly to the top and from the impact the pin will bend to one or the other side.

    2. What is the most creative way you can break a watch? (Apple)
    Connect the fantasy. We would melt and stretch, like Dali had.

    3. You have been reduced to the size of a coin and placed in a blender. Your original density is saved. The blades will move in 60 seconds. Your actions? (Google)
    Density information is given to confuse you. There is definitely no right answer, we can offer to break the blender with the power of thought.

    // Just about complicated

    Very often at interviews they ask to describe a particular concept so that even an eight-year-old child understands what is at stake. As a rule, the whole idea needs to be put into 3 sentences, so you should not waste time writing an incredible story. Try to highlight the main thing and outline its role in simple words. If you have kids you know, like nephews, great! The main thing is not to bring them to hysteria by constant talk about obscure things.

    1. Explain what the database is in three sentences so your nephew understands. (Google)
    A database is a machine that remembers a lot of information about different things. People use it to remember this information when they need it. Let's go play football.

    2. How would you describe the code for an eight-year-old child. (Apple)
    A code is a rule according to which information turns into a cipher. It must be written carefully and carefully. The code, like handwriting, can tell a lot about the author.

    // You and the company

    These questions are needed in order to understand how well you are aware of the activities of the company and how you see your role in it. They may ask about history, current projects, achievements — about anything. We recommend reading the materials and be fully equipped. In addition, sometimes they ask about what you would do in a given situation with colleagues or superiors. The questions cannot be called complex, the main thing is to show your adequacy and work in a team.

    1. Why should we not hire you? (Twitter)
    Another stressful question. They do not expect a detailed retelling of the shortcomings - rather jokes or the ability to deftly translate the topic.

    2. Name as many Microsoft products as possible. (Microsoft)
    It will immediately become clear how well you know the company.

    3. If you would like to bring a dog to work, but one of your colleagues is allergic to dog hair, what would you do? (Google)
    Any solution can be offered, but we recommend that you take into account the interests of a colleague first.

    The interview, although it requires preparation, is still not an exam. There is no single right answer to most questions - it all depends on your point of view, the chain of reasoning and arguments. And the reasoning interests recruiters far more than the final answers in the form of numbers or codes. So if you can prove that 1.25 servings of pizza are eaten in America in a year, this answer will be correct. In a word, everything is in your hands!

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