What kind of fruit is this Infobusiness?

    A few words about us for acquaintance: we are the developers of a group of services for the information business under the general name Ruholding. Email newsletters, receiving payments, affiliate sales, conducting webinars - all this is with us and this list is constantly growing and developing!

    But let's get down to business: this article is the first of a whole series, and in it we will talk, as you might have guessed, about Infobusiness.

    To begin with, we want to understand the ambivalence towards the information business in the heyday of its popularity.

    It's no secret that the business on the Internet is gaining momentum, and the trend is increasing every time. Why do some people react negatively to him, while others really earn money on this.

    Not everyone knows or does not suspect that the information business has existed for a long time, it was just indirect, for example, the same specialized manuals like “How to open your own farm”, “Fundamentals of landscape design”, etc. Now the information business has changed its form - the direct sale of their knowledge, experience - that is, consulting, webinars, trainings, consultations, lectures, courses and more.


    How do infobusinessmen make money?

    Despite the frivolous attitude of the ignorant on this field, this is a very hard job, which requires a person to have infinite determination, a desire to learn and move on at any turn of events.

    Many people confuse the information business with network marketing, they even consider that these concepts are related, mix it with a bunch of dirt and call it a scam. But the infobusiness is INFO, that is, information, intellectual property, which has a price, and network marketing, in fact, is monitoring the work of others and receiving money for it, but this is not about that.

    Why, with the concept of "infobusiness", many customers come up with the idea that this is a scam? In addition to the incorrect presentation - in the incorrectness of the headings that we see on the Internet, “Become a millionaire” for almost a week, “Get your first million,” etc., the proposal itself seems incomprehensible. This is due to the fact that the infobusiness has come to Russia not so long ago, and we are used to making money “the old fashioned way”. Of course, we ourselves see this catch. The information is presented incorrectly, and people get the impression of the information business as another ploy to tear money from them.

    In fact, the infobusiness is not only about earning money online. In fact, these are people who provide any useful information to other people. We are faced with various information businessmen in everyday life everywhere: from an English tutor to a weight loss instructor - all this activity is, to one degree or another, an information business, namely providing valuable information for money. However, in our society it is considered to be information business only people selling their knowledge on the Internet.

    So, we will consider in practice the principles of earnings in the information business.

    In theory, the scheme of work is quite simple. Naturally, any deviations from this system are possible, but the general idea is just that.
    There are five key concepts: Base, Traffic, Cover, Offer and Content. They can be called as you like, while the meaning does not change.

    Base is a way of interacting with customers. For example, your site and subscription base.
    Traffic - sources of customer acquisition. For example Yandex.Direct
    Cover - useful material, as a rule, is free. It is necessary for the infobusinessman to gain trust and prove his authority for the client.
    Offer - motivates the client to pay for services and get much more useful information.
    Content- information necessary for the client. Served in various forms: books, video courses, personal training, etc.

    In the following articles we will consider these aspects in more detail.

    Here is an example of a simple scheme that works with due effort without any investment from the information business.
    A group in a social network is selected as the Base - completely free, simple and understandable to potential customers. Traffic is also taken from the social. networks: active invitations, reposts, posting in other people's groups. Actually, after these manipulations, a certain audience of interested people gather who are invited to a non-free webinar. This Cover option is very convenient at the start - you don’t have to spend time writing letters, developing a landing page, and calling customers.

    We will also talk about how to conduct a successful webinar in other articles.

    During the webinar, the audience receives part of the answers to their questions. After that, there is a proposal to pay for a course of webinars in which this topic is considered more extensively.

    The profit from such an event can be thirty to forty thousand, while the costs are not more than three thousand rubles, and such events can be done at least 3-4 times a month.

    Naturally, this is just the tip of the iceberg. With various combinations of ways of presenting information, the information business will be able to earn millions. Not everyone can achieve heights, but everyone can try themselves in business! We’ll talk more about methods, tools and much more next time.

    See you,
    Ruholding team!

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