How sites keep advertisers

    Ladies and Gentlemen! We decided to return to the roots and asked Oleg Khrienko to write another article about the monetization of content projects. This time we will talk about working with direct advertisers, namely about what actions to take after attracting them to the resource.

    Finding an advertiser for your online project is no easy task. Its solution requires serious training from the resource owner and special skills from the sales manager. Therefore, it is doubly disappointing when the first placement is the only one, and the client leaves.

    This demotivates the team and makes serious business planning impossible. In addition, a departed client can tell his colleagues about his negative experience, which complicates the task of finding him a replacement.

    To prevent the advertiser from leaving is the most important task of the project manager. If the product is still raw, you must use all possible arsenal to guarantee the effectiveness of the placement. It is impossible to rely on chance or subjective assessments of the quality of a resource under any circumstances.

    What the advertiser wants from placement

    It is necessary to put into the heads of sales managers the idea that finding a client and getting payment from the account from him is only part of their work. It’s much more important to figure out what exactly the advertiser wants to get from the placement. No fantasies on this score are acceptable! Only accurate and objective knowledge. The information obtained will help both work to achieve the result, and further negotiations with the client about the extension.

    The worst option is if the client wants to get sales as a result. This means that he intends to shift his work on creating his own “selling site”, traffic management, marketing, etc. to the advertising platform. That is, it requires the advertising medium to perform the functions of an agency. Most likely, such an advertiser will be one-time, although this is not a reason to refuse to work on renewal.

    It is better if the advertiser has already formed a list of metrics by which he will monitor the performance of the site. This can be calls, time on the advertiser's website, total number of clicks, CTR. It is important that these metrics are based on customer experience.

    It will not be superfluous to find out where it was located earlier, what results it received and whether he considers his advertising activity successful.

    Managers are often embarrassed to ask advertisers questions about this. Such behavior should be suppressed and the order should not be accepted into work until the client has at least asked the necessary questions.

    The situation may become more complicated if your client works through an agency. Media buyers rarely reveal their methodology for evaluating site performance. But this is not a reason to despair. The necessary metrics will give a service like Drive the address of the advertiser's resource into it and you will find out what quality of traffic the client expects.

    If your product is more complicated, there will be nothing left but to study the experience of competitors and see what indicators their regular advertisers received for similar campaigns.

    Test first

    Don't be afraid to test your advertisers before you start posting. Metrics for this were clarified in order to understand how much in reality you correspond to them. There is nothing wrong with creating a copy of the client’s site with your phone and order form in order to first verify the effectiveness.

    If the test results are good, you can please the sales manager with this information and strongly recommend that he not take seriously possible customer complaints about poor results - this is just a bargain with him or a veiled request for a rollback.

    However, if the results are worse than expected (especially if the results on the advertiser's website are worse than the data for similarweb), urgent measures must be taken to ensure that the client is satisfied with the work with you.

    We list the main problems that you may encounter according to the test results:

    • Not enough traffic
      One of the most common problems of young portals. The main method of solution is the expansion of advertising space and formats (text announcements in articles, TGB, mailing out on its own subscriber base, etc.). However, this may not be enough.
      The landing here will come to the rescue on your own website, which is used to buy cheap traffic from other people's resources (teaser networks, context, affiliate programs, social networks).

      Important: when buying traffic, you should not compete with your own advertiser. He did not pay you in order to reduce his overall effectiveness.
      The landing page “warms up” the purchased traffic and as a result, the advertiser receives targeted visitors with the characteristics necessary for him.

      It is necessary to take into account that the quality of the “screened” traffic through the landing page has an inverse dependence on its conversion. It is necessary to determine the “golden mean” between the clickability of the landing page and the quality of the audience delivered to the advertiser.
    • Bad behavioral metrics on the advertiser's site
      Some advertising formats (for example, branding) can generate a large amount of traffic, but give poor results on the advertiser's site. If this turned out to be true for your case, you must take the following measures:
      1. Replacing promotional materials with more targeted ones
      2. Disabling advertising for mobile devices (very often, the advertiser's resource is simply not optimized for mobile devices, which results in a deterioration of its quality indicators with a sufficient amount of traffic)
      3. Using landing pages to buy traffic on external resources, as well as better converting your own. Using this method, you add the highest quality traffic to the advertiser
      4. Disabling bots. Especially relevant if you have already made a landing to solve the problem of insufficient traffic. Many sources can give you bots instead of live visitors. It is necessary to weed out such partners and disconnect
      5. Narrowing the audience to which the advertisement is broadcast (all the same as with mobile devices)
    • Not enough calls. It’s
      worth saying right away that usually all the metrics of advertisers on this indicator should be divided into two. Advertisers will never give their real minimum on calls. But it can always be clarified through more experienced competitors. A few hours spent ringing and bargaining will give more accurate indicators than customer assurances.
      To increase the number of calls, the same scheme with landings is used, however, the purchased traffic should be more targeted, aimed at the call. In addition, you can use the “not declared” advertiser promotion like “every third caller receives a gift from our portal - a tablet”.

    Closing bidding

    The end date of the advertising campaign is approaching. You have received all the necessary metrics and are ready to roll over the client. Give a few days before the end of the campaign a task to your sales manager and arm him with all the information about the current placement (number of clicks, impressions, CTR). Advise him not to worry about a possible negative reaction from the client. If you did everything right, then this is just a game to bring down the price.
    In the end, if the client is talking to you, and does not immediately hang up the phone or constantly requires a return on investment, this is a sure sign that he is ready to buy further.

    In this case, the maximum task for the seller is not just to save the client, but to increase the cost for him. Actually, all the seller’s talents should fully manifest themselves here: the ability to bargain and convince the client that he already knows the product more or less.

    A good and interesting test for a sales manager. It is recommended to introduce as a rule: there can be no prolongation without bargaining. This is true - you are doing everything so that the client gets the best result for himself, why should he not, in turn, pay you the maximum out of what he can.

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