For six months, Huawei revenue grew by 30%

    Revenues of the Chinese company Huawei over the past 6 months increased by 30%, amounting to $ 28 billion. This result was a record for the company, according to Vedomosti. As regards such an indicator as operating margin, this year it remained virtually unchanged, amounting to 18.1% (18.3% last year). Katie Man, financial director of the company, reports that growth has been going on in all three of the company's main business areas. At the same time, Maine did not say that it is the main catalyst for this growth.

    As for last year, in 2014, the fastest growing business line of Huawei was the production of mobile devices, mainly smartphones. In this area, sales growth reached 32%. This week, the company may publish more detailed information on smartphone sales this year. From a message sent by Huawei to its employees, it follows that since May, smartphone sales have exceeded 10 million per month. According to the plan, smartphone sales by the end of this year should reach 100 million units.

    Last year, Huawei planned to sell about 80 million smartphones, but could not fulfill the plan, selling 75 million units of such devices. Interestingly, most of the company's competitors, including Xiaomi, experience some difficulties in fulfilling their plans for smartphone sales.

    Huawei's most profitable business is the sale of infrastructure equipment to companies in different countries. One of the company's most successful areas of work this year is the software-configurable networks and cloud systems sector for communications networks.

    From the immediate plans of the company, one can single out the intention to invest about $ 600 billion in the development of fifth-generation cellular communications (5G). Actively developing Huawei and such a direction as the Internet of Things. In particular, this year the company introduced its own OS for managing smart devices connected to the Network.

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