Thing in itself

    There is a saying: "An extrovert IT person is someone who, during a conversation, does not look at his shoes, but at his interlocutor’s shoes." The true truth! For the most part, we are deep introverts, with communication skills significantly lower than the average. And our professional activity further develops this tendency. Those of us whose communication is not so difficult, who manage to “let the horn” part of the steam, quickly get out to the bosses. This is our interface with the outside world.

    Our rampant verbosity, which sometimes erupts in a chamber setting, is deceptive. When a real natural extrovert appears next to us, it becomes clear: deep down we don’t want all this and we don’t know how. We do not like large meetings and working groups. They seem to us empty chatter. We are much more effective in small groups, and sometimes alone. To talk, we need some space. Fighting for him, interrupting and ousting other speakers, is an impossible task for our psyche. When we have to do this, we get clumsy, passionate and rather stupid.

    The one of us who has read a couple of books about the importance of networking for career growth sometimes looks ridiculous, trying hard to follow the advice of people made from a completely different test. In this field, we can not take volume, pressure, charm. Like so much more, we need to do it smarter, and not more and more energetically. It doesn’t suit us to never eat alone . Such an obligation to us against wool, it destroys us, destroys balance and costs us a fair amount of mental stress. Because even the most enchanting communication for us is energy-consuming.

    Sometimes we are damn arrogant. We love funny (from our point of view) stories about the epic stupidity of users. The very ones in comparison with which we in human relations are small children. We are convinced that they do not know how to formulate and do not know for themselves what they want. They are insensitive to our logic, and therefore we sincerely consider ourselves smarter. This sometimes manifests our wounded pride - from being at the very bottom of corporate food chains, from a lack of respect for our truly complex, diverse and interesting world and from our inability to properly talk about it. Forgive us.

    We do not think well at the pace, on the go (along) the conversation. We need to think in more detail, our immediate reaction to something truly atypical means little. Elevator speech is not our thing. We have almost no easy victories. The process of our thoughts is powerful and wide, this is not a ping-pong game, but the launch of jet aircraft from an aircraft carrier. We can only play cool blitz when the material has been studied and lived in advance. And often the way it is. All our impromptu are the surface part of the iceberg.

    Like fish in the sand, we look helpless in a strange, unusual role for us. Our real life, our drive is completely different. This is a meditative trance in front of the monitor, lasting hours or weeks. This is a creative game, opera in many acts, filled with special harmony and special functional beauty. We are impressed by the complexity of this world and our ability to saddle it. Unthinkable diversity - and our desire to classify and organize it. The diversity of objects - and our desire to assemble from these cubes the whole universe. And with nothing to compare the inspiration when the complex technological solution that we have produced is becoming, in the apt expression of Arthur Clark, indistinguishable from a miracle. Which lives on by itself. Without us.


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