IT students have become more mercantile and have raised their salary expectations by a third

    According to a joint study by Group and the Smart Start recruiting company , future IT graduates overestimate their salary expectations by more than 30%. The survey involved 345 students from the best universities in Moscow. They should have indicated the desired salary immediately after graduation, after three and ten years.

    After graduation, students plan to receive 50 thousand rubles a month. This figure is above the average market by 25%. With three years of experience, they hope to receive 85 thousand rubles. And ten years of experience, in their opinion, guarantees an amount of not less than 160 thousand rubles.

    Future developers of mobile applications, system administrators and information security experts were the most optimistic. They believe that without work experience they will be offered at least 58 thousand a month. The profession of system administrator, by the way, is recognized as the most masculine in the IT field. This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted in mid-May. According to students, among experienced professionals, web developers and analysts are most in demand, who should receive 173 and 170 thousand rubles, respectively.

    Source: Smart Start.

    The study participants believe that the accumulation of professional experience (56%), career growth (38%), and unique employee skills (35%) most strongly affect the level of salary, reports.

    At the end of June, Mail.Ru and Smart Start found out the attitude of IT students to internships. More than 80% of students consider them useful, but more than 60% of respondents do not agree to undergo training for free under any circumstances. The survey was conducted among students of leading Russian universities: MSTU. N.E. Bauman, Moscow State University M.V. Lomonosov, MIPT and others. The most important criteria for the internships were the respondents called high salaries, the prospect of getting into the staff, the size and reputation of the company, as well as working with real tasks.
    According to HeadHunter, the average salary for trainees in Moscow and St. Petersburg is about 25,000 rubles.

    Among the reasons that prompted respondents to connect the future with information technology, interest in the field leads by a wide margin: 81.1% of girls and 67.7% of young people answered in the same way. In second place is the salary level: 37.7% of girls and 43% of young people are guided by this factor.

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