6 trends in mobile advertising that everyone needs to know (Part 1)


    Mobile dominates digital advertising. Truth or lie?

    This article will tell you about the potential of mobile advertising . You will learn how these models affect the world of digital advertising. And more importantly, what conclusion can you draw from this.

    Here is a list of 6 trends that demonstrate the importance of mobile marketing.

    1. Mobile video is becoming more popular

    Global mobile traffic grew by almost 70%, of which 55% came from mobile video.


    Recognized as a promising digital advertising format, the video leaves a lasting impression on the audience. Emotional involvement is probably the most important factor in its growth.

    Facebook accounts for 4 billion video views per day, 75% of which are played on mobile devices. This means that out of 20 people watching videos on Facebook, 15 watch it on their mobile.

    Why not use video in your mobile ad campaign?

    Video vs. TV (IAB & Nielsen)

    • 50% more memorable advertising message
    • more than 45% more brand recognition
    • almost 40% more positive perception of advertising

    And 57% of consumers say that a product’s video added confidence in their purchase and reduced the likelihood of a product return ( MediaPost ).

    With the growing popularity of digital video and mobile devices, it is very important for marketers to know how to use them correctly.

    2. Mobile advertising has more impact in less time.

    Ultra-short mobile video advertising is a trend. 4 new ad styles have recently been introduced.


    The ongoing shortening of the video format and the strengthening of the user's ability to control the playback of video ads creates certain difficulties for you. These restrictions are designed to protect users. In turn, this forces you to rethink how you create your ad.

    The main task is how to attract user attention in an extremely short time.

    With the help of applications such as Youtube and others - the problem of hosting streaming video has long been resolved. All that remains for you is to focus on creating a creative video.

    Here are our tips for you:

    • accurately determine the target audience
    • set a clear goal
    • be more positive than usual
    • and find a clue

    3. Vertical screen and vertical content - an important aspect of Mobile

    People spend 29% of screen time daily looking at the screens of their smartphones. 5 years ago, the cost of such time on vertical screens was only 5% of the total number of views.


    You can use a mobile or responsive landing page to get vertical ads.

    But the video is a completely different story. Today we are playing a standard horizontal video with large black bars at the top and bottom on the mobile’s vertical screen. Turning the phone in the correct orientation is not always convenient and too troublesome. Oddly enough, after eight years of vertical mobile viewing, after half of all Youtube views are on smartphones, we still continue to create desktop-oriented videos.

    This is very important, but many still do not know what a huge impact this factor has on the success of advertising. Vertical mobile video ads are nine times higher than full video viewing versus horizontal.

    The demand for vertical video and content is increasing in proportion to the growing number of smartphone users. This changes our usual way of watching videos. So video advertising should follow these trends.

    To be continued ... BYYD • Mobile advertising platform

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