Spotify confronts Apple and leads its users off the App Store

    The streaming service Spotify has suggested users unsubscribe from the App Store . By subscribing to Spotify directly, users pay about $ 10 per month. A subscription through the App Store, taking into account a 30 percent commission, costs $ 3 more.

    The company said this in a letter to users. Moreover, they received instructions on how to unsubscribe from the App Store and pay for it on the service website.

    After the release of Apple Music, there was a threat of an outflow of users from other streaming services. Apple iTunesis one of the largest digital music stores. Of course, it does not directly follow from this that the new streaming service will become popular. However, along with the widespread adoption of the iPhone and iPad, this is a favorable factor. Apparently, Spotify decided that now was the time to deliver a “preemptive strike”.

    Thus, Spotify goes into an open confrontation with Apple, writes Bloomberg. Many experts believe that Apple is playing a dishonest game. They hope that antitrust authorities will pay attention to such conflicts and put the corporation in its place.

    According to Apple, in applications hosted on the App Store, there should be no links to the purchase of any services on external resources. Therefore, the Spotify app for iOS can be removed from the App Store if it includes a call to subscribe to the Spotify website.

    On May 5, Megamind wrote that US authorities suspected the company of conspiring with record labels against Spotify and YouTube. The Federal Trade Commission and the US Department of Justice believe that Apple is getting rid of competitors by illegal methods.

    Presumably, the company made attempts to persuade labels not to renew contracts with Spotify and YouTube. Moreover, the leadership of Universal Music allegedly promised to recover losses from license fees if it prohibits the posting of its content on YouTube.

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