Solid experience against low tariffs: which callback service to choose

    Competition among callback services is growing, with each day new players appear on the market. And this suggests that the “callbacks” are popular and in demand.
    In the end, all callback services are almost the same: they connect the site visitor to the sales department, collect statistics and increase conversion. The rest is small technical subtleties: variability of settings, telephony parameters, strategy and company position in the market, technical support.

    How to choose the most convenient and most suitable option for your site? We have done work more than once in comparison with competitors, and we know how difficult it is to form an objective and based on real characteristics opinion. We value your time and are ready to share the results of our analysis. The Cashmyvisit team has prepared a digest of the most popular widgets, based on the site , and today we will tell you about the strengths of each of the callback services.


    CallBackHunter is a pioneer in callback widgets. Having been on the market for almost a year, Hunter is one of the few widgets that has a wide base of almost 30,000 registered users. Recently launched a new CallBackHunter 3.0, which promises to connect the client with the manager in 8 seconds; the previous version offered 26. In fairness, we note that you can configure any connection time in other widgets too. The CallBackHunter team and their product won the audience at the GSEA-2014 International Youth Entrepreneurship Award.


    Perezvoni was the first widget to focus on deeply tracking the client’s path: where he came from, how he behaves, what pages he looks. For example, if a client asked on google: “Where to buy ten kilos of buckwheat?”, A message appears in the dialog box: “Do you want us to call you back in 28 seconds and tell you where to buy ten kilos of buckwheat?”. Perezvoni also has a function for changing the text in the dialog box: the widget will re-greet the one who logged in for the second time, or offer to quickly get the necessary information to the one who views the page as a sprinter.


    This young service (the company launched the widget in February 2015) has one compelling advantage - the price. Uptocall tariffs are lower than those of competitors - sometimes even several times. And the basic functionality is almost the same: integration with Yandex.metrics, tracking engagement, flexible settings. The latter, by the way, are becoming more flexible day by day: on the blog of the creator company the news about various improvements and innovations appears every now and then. For example, the color of the mini-widget can be changed, or add a few more numbers of managers.


    2calls calls itself not a callback widget, but a “conversion increase service”: its creators immediately make it clear that their main goal is to help earn money. According to the creators, the potential customer should be impressed by the numbers: for the entire time the service has been working, 3670 sites have connected to it and they have caught 53,000 calls. In addition, 2calls, judging by the feedback from existing customers, boasts decent technical support.


    The creators of Chaser were the first to create widget templates in which you can insert a photo of a person. And thus they presented their dialer with a human face, and their customers received the trust and loyalty of their customers. By the way, Chaser is a project of a fairly large company Traffic Lab, engaged in the field of Internet marketing since 2003. So, you can solve all the problems with all your sites in one place at once.

    Rocket callback

    The creators of Rocket Callback are the initiators of new products in the field of customer service. So, this company is ready to offer round-the-clock technical support. Even at 5 a.m. you can dial a number and specify: how to make the widget pop up when you want, and not when it pleases. You won’t have to calculate the most suitable tariff either: it’s the only one, a fixed price for a certain number of non-burning minutes.


    The service with the touching name “Sausage” will surely attract those who doubt: do you even need a callback widget? And all because Callbaska offers 30 test minutes for free. How much is enough depends on site traffic. But, most likely, during these XX days you will be able to understand whether you need a callback service, and what it should be taking into account the characteristics of your business.

    Of course, our digest does not reveal all the pitfalls of the callback services market. At the beginning, we already said that all callback widgets are very similar. Everyone handles dialing, recording a conversation, tracking customer behavior and collecting statistics. Then where, you ask, such a difference in price? Companies providing their services at higher tariffs spend more on design, invest in innovation, and provide more flexible service. On the monitor screen, the difference may seem large; but in fact, owners of sites with little traffic will spend only a couple of hundred rubles more. But the scope of benefits will be significant.
    Именно поэтому мы постарались выделить те характеристики, на которые действительно стоит обратить внимание при выборе виджета. Решайте, что важно именно вам: солидный опыт на рынке, продуманный алгоритм аналитики, гибкие настройки или добротная техническая поддержка. А может, все сразу?

    Только зарегистрированные пользователи могут участвовать в опросе. Войдите, пожалуйста.

    Что для вас приоритетнее?

    • 20%Большой срок жизнедеятельности компании на рынке.3
    • 26.6%Возможность качественного анализа и настройки системы.4
    • 46.6%Низкая цена услуги.7
    • 20%Отличная техническая поддержка.3
    • 20%Возможность длительного бесплатного тестирования.3

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