Rambler launches restaurant reservation system

    Rambler launches SmartReserve table reservation system system for automating the hostess workstation and attracting reservation from Poster-Restaurants.


    The hostess at the time of the call will see the name, phone and guest preferences on the terminal screen. When developing the software, Rambler used hostess reviews accepting up to 150 reserves per day and the wishes of restaurateurs. Rambler promises to replace the paper reserve book.

    A tablet with a stand is used as a terminal. It works without recharging for up to 18 hours, with access to the network to synchronize the list of reserves and process reserves from online sites. Judging by the photos and the promised uptime, this will be one of the tablets of the Lenovo Yoga line .

    The Rambler & Co group of companies acquired the SmartReserve project at the end of 2014. At that time, the startup had three founders, one employee, ten restaurants-clients and a working prototype of the system.

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