4 important tips for your mobile ad campaign to succeed

    If your plans didn’t have a place for mobile, then your plans haven’t been completely made up yet »Wendy Clark, Coca-Cola

    Good news, marketers! According to recent polls, consumers are not only tolerant of mobile advertising, but also susceptible to it. The volume of use of mobile devices is growing rapidly around the world, it is now clear that smartphones are not just a device, it's a lifestyle. More than 60% percent of small businesses say that mobile solutions play a key role in their work; mobile is a strategy that cannot be ignored.

    With mobile advertising , you can get closer to your customers than ever before by using ads that are personalized both locally and in time.

    If you’re ready to take full advantage of mobile advertising, here are 4 important tips to help you with this:

    1. Make it easier.

    Since mobile phones have small screens, it is important that your ad is as clear and concise as possible. Take away everything that complicates the purchase - flash graphics, drop-down menus or hard-to-find contact details - mobile users do not like to zoom. On the contrary, give them the most necessary information - your location, opening hours and current offer. Give them a Call Now button or another CPA button.

    2. Do not be persistent.

    Basically, the activities of online shopping include an active search by users of information about a product or service. Mobile advertising offers what is called “push” technology, which includes sending unsolicited messages to potential customers, and it is important to carefully consider their response. Example, if a person buys each time, after you give him a discount coupon, continue to send him them. But, always keep track of when it stops buying, because this information can also give you a lot.

    3. Integrate your campaigns.

    Mobile advertising should be one of the elements of your strategic marketing plan, along with retargeting, display advertising, desktop and other types. This is not an autonomous tactic that can solve all your problems. You need a little of everything, and most importantly, track the results that each of the channels gives, so that you can optimize and adjust budgets as necessary.

    4. Use the possibilities of programmers buying real-time advertising


    The average owner of a smartphone spends more than three hours a day switching between social networking apps, chat rooms and emails. We can say that he is almost constantly online. Thus, marketers who want to keep up with their mobile consumers will benefit if they invest in tools that automatically purchase ads in real time.

    Such tools use predictive software algorithms that allow you to carry out actions on behalf of the advertiser, intuitively showing the most relevant situations of the advertising products. Real-time targeted advertising allows you to track visitors immediately after their visit to the brand’s website. This is done by delivering personalized advertisements that use banner sites and sites that were purchased in advance in real time. The possibilities of advertising in real time allow the marketer to reach out to a promising potential client while the brand is still “sitting” in his head. BYYD • Mobile Advertising Platform

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