PayPal valued at $ 44 billion before secession from eBay

    The cost of PayPal is $ 44 billion - this is how experts evaluated the payment system before separating it from eBay, writes FT. Yesterday, the company's shares appeared on the Nasdaq exchange list, at a final cost of $ 36.4 per unit.

    Thus, PayPal is estimated at 60% of the cost of eBay. Starting today, eBay shares are available in two varieties, with or without PayPal ownership. After July 20, eBay shareholders will receive one PayPal share per eBay share.

    As of 19:30 Moscow time, a “full” eBay share including PayPal costs $ 61.4 (a 0.7% price reduction), while an eBay share excluding PayPal costs $ 25.1.

    The decision to spin off PayPal into a separate company was made in mid-2014. Soon, the eBay CEO will step down. The company's specialists believe that such a separation will help increase the income of both companies.

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