General Director of Dozhda - on the financial results of the TV channel

    The Director General of Dozhd TV Channel Natalya Sindeeva spoke about the results of the work and the financial situation of the channel.

    Now Rain has 50 thousand subscribers. But you and I can be (must be!) Much more! Our cost of maintaining the TV channel averages 29 million rubles per month. Rain is one of the most efficient television channels in the world in terms of the cost of producing an hour of content. One hour costs us 190 thousand rubles, which is an insignificantly small figure for informational television production. At the same time, taxes and fees make up about 8 million rubles from the amount of monthly expenses - so there is actually even less money left for the production of content. Approximately 60% of the costs are covered by your subscription, the rest is advertising and distribution revenue.

    However, according to Sindeeva, at least 100 thousand subscribers are needed to build long-term plans.

    At the end of April, Natalya Sindeeva, spoke at the RIF + KIB-2014 conference , broadcasted Interfax. She reported that at that time the channel had 70 thousand subscribers. Then the price of the annual subscription was 1000 rubles. She also stated that she plans to increase the number of subscribers to 300 thousand.

    However, in early March, Sindeeva announced that she plans to significantly reduce costs and cut salaries to employees. According to her, the Dozhd TV channel was on the verge of closure. In January-May 2014, Dozhd’s loss amounted to 21.3 million rubles.

    And in June 2014, the channel’s management took unprecedented measures and increased subscription prices by almost five times. As a result, to date, the channel has remained with 50 thousand subscribers at an annual subscription price of 4800 rubles.

    Rain, after all, could become “that real television that the audience is financing!” Writes Sindeeva on her blog .

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