Search services will not be fined due to violations of the law on “oblivion”

    The State Duma Committee on Information Policy believes that the provision on fines for search engines for 100 thousand rubles. for refusing to remove links to information about users on the Web is redundant, writes RBC. The relevant committee made a corresponding amendment to the Code of Administrative Offenses, which is now contained in the bill pending by the Duma until the fall of the package of documents on the “right to oblivion”, establishing liability measures for Internet companies. The very law on editing citizens to remove irrelevant information about themselves from an Internet search passed the third, final reading, and was adopted by the Duma.

    At the same time, the law was somewhat relaxed after the deputies of the information policy committee held a series of consultations with representatives of the Internet industry. Then, the clause on the right of citizens to demand removal of links to reliable information from the search results was removed from the bill.

    In the fall, the Duma will consider a second bill that regulates penalties for search engines, which give users an unreasonable refusal to remove links to user information. Moreover, the bill provides for the automatic calculation of a fine of 100 thousand rubles. in case the court finds the refusal of the search service to delete the link unreasonable. If the search engine refuses to remove the link after that, the fine increases to 3 million rubles.

    According to Maxim Buyanov, a lawyer at the Russian Association of Electronic Communications, the threat of a fine of 100 thousand rubles. it may well become the reason for the termination of the issuance of links to any requests of applicants without studying. “Any fine is terrible because it must be paid. I can’t answer for the search engines, but theoretically they can stop issuing the majority of links so that they do not appeal their refusal and do not pay fines [if fines are introduced], ”says Maxim Buyanov.

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