Summer School of Software Product Marketing and Internship at JetBrains

    If you read Andrei Breslav's post about darling unicorns , then you probably already know what JetBrains is doing, as well as who Product Marketing Managers (PMM) are. And if you haven’t read it and don’t know, then JetBrains is a leading manufacturer of professional software development tools such as IntelliJ IDEA, ReSharper, PhpStorm, WebStorm, TeamCity, and many others. Nevertheless, we recommend that you read the article , since Andrey very well described the essence of what PMMs do.

    Finding a PMM is very difficult, because a combination of a technical background with the ability to communicate and skills / understanding of management and marketing is necessary.

    The selection process for such cross-disciplinary positions is very nontrivial. Therefore, we decided to conduct an experiment and launch a summer school of software marketing at JetBrains from July 28 to August 5 . During the summer school you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with our company and the work of various business units.

    Based on the results of the summer school, several participants may be offered a job at JetBrains in the position of Product Marketing Manager (or in another position, if it is more suitable for your skills) or internship.

    Register now - the number of seats is limited, and registration is open until July 22, 23:59:59 UTC. We want to recruit about 15-20 participants.

    What awaits you?

    13 lessons with JetBrains from July 28 to August 5, 2015 . Two classes will be held every weekday (on the last day - one lesson), starting from 18:30, each - about two hours, plus a short break with snacks and drinks. A summer school will be held in our office on Vasilievsky Island.

    We will talk about the following topics:
    • Introduction: the place of product marketing in the big picture
    • How JetBrains Develops Products That Users Love
    • Decision making: hypothesis generation, testing, validation
    • Organic and paid channels of attraction
    • Customer Lifecycle: Funnel Optimization
    • Content, website, user grouping, and purchasing decision
    • Pricing: price, buyer, competitors. Demand, supply and price elasticity
    • Analytical frameworks, tools and useful tips
    • Community work, business development
    • Email Marketing
    • Product planning
    • Product Analytics and Research Methods

    Classes will be organized as interactive as possible, and compulsory and optional homework (group and individual) will also be offered for completion.

    Employees of various JetBrains divisions will participate in the classes:
    Oleg Stepanov (Co-CEO), Evgeny Toporov (VP of Marketing), Vladimir Sitnikov (Internet Marketing Lead), Andrey Cheptsov (Product Marketing Manager, IntelliJ IDEA), Mikhail Vink (Global Marketing Programs Manager), Maria Antropova (Marketing Research Lead), Vladislav Prasolov (Email Marketing Lead), Vasily Korf (Marketing Research Analyst), Anastasia Chumak(Marketing Research Analyst), as well as other colleagues.

    Let's make a reservation right away : we are not going to teach you marketing or management in a week - the goal of a summer school is not that. Thanks to this project, we want to find unicorns for ourselves, and also share with the community of IT specialists in St. Petersburg the experience that we have at JetBrains. So, even if you do not want to be a unicorn in JetBrains, come anyway. It will be interesting!

    Who are we waiting for?

    We believe that unicorns (especially darling unicorns) can appear from anywhere (and there is evidence for this - PMMs in JetBrains have a completely different profile), because we do not have clear criteria.

    Fuzzy criteria include:
    • Common sense
    • Cross-discipline (although a technical background or experience in software development is desirable due to the specifics of the products)
    • Love for cool products
    • Ability to think critically and analyze
    • Understanding of the market, product development process, marketing and management fundamentals
    • Good knowledge of English
    • Formal or non-formal education in Computer Science or marketing
    • Sociability and energy

    For the effective work of the school, we are going to recruit 15-20 participants who will be invited based on the results of filling out the registration form and, in some cases, interviews. We will also try to make a video recording of all classes (but we do not promise yet).

    Looking forward to seeing you at JetBrains Product Marketing Summer School! It will be fun! Register before July 22 (23:59:59 Moscow time).

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