Should I make a presentation of the project?

    In the IT sphere, various events are held at which you can present your startup . Their goals are different and the performance is different.

    June 19, 2015 in Dnepropetrovsk, Startup Crash Test # 3 (SCT) was held. The event was organized by I coworking hub with the support of I business incubator.

    SCT is a non-profit event designed to determine reasonableness and test the strength of key elements of IT startups. At such events, the audience, in addition to the “support group” of speakers and teams of other startups, is also investors and representatives of business incubators, who look for promising projects and offer cooperation to their developers. Beginning entrepreneurs, in turn, at SCT are guaranteed to receive an authoritative opinion on the strengths and weaknesses of their creations, as well as proposals and assumptions regarding the directions for further development of projects.

    Marketplace for Linguists and Their Polyglot Clientswas one of three tested on SCT # 3. This startup was presented directly by its founder, Director of SVAM-Systems Andrey Prudko, and the project’s PR manager Alexey Lemberg helped him answer the questions of the audience. This time, the goal of the presentation of the project was to get a fitback from the audience, to hear different opinions about the idea itself and its business concept. This is not the first experience of presenting your project and it is worth saying a few words about the organization, because the result that you expect from the presentation of your brainchild also depends on it.

    It should be noted that during the speeches and further lively communication, without exception, all participants felt easy and at ease. It seemed that you were sitting at home and chatting with your best friends, discussing grandiose and interesting projects / ideas in the process of communication. This effect was achieved due to the fact that the I coworking hub team is doing its job well. Every detail was thought out in advance. Preliminarily held rehearsals for speakers, adjusted for filling the presentation. Conveniently organized a space in which all the elements are necessary and important. And along with the fact that the atmosphere was created relaxed, everyone helped to tune in to productive work.

    Undoubtedly, speeches at such events are useful for any projects. For example, as a result of participating in SCT, the Polyglot team received not only positive reviews, but also some constructive comments and suggestions for improving the resource. In such discussions, you will always be helped to draw your attention to weaknesses (if any) that you could not even think of. The assessment given by experts, colleagues or potential clients is important for the continued successful operation of the project, so the developers listen to the wishes and in accordance with them can decide to adjust their concept and directions for improving the startup.

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