Co-owner of Group invested in a designer of robots

    Dmitry Grishin, owner of Grishin Robotics , invested in the developer of the robotic designer, LittleBits . The investment in this project is already the ninth in a row for Grishin Robotics, and this is the largest investment, writes RBC. The total investment received by LittleBits amounted to $ 44.2 million. Investors were also such well-known funds as DFJ Growth, Two Sigma, True Ventures and Khosla Ventures.

    LittleBits is a platform for studying electronics and creating trial preliminary models of new devices, including robotic systems. The LittleBits kit contains a large number of parts from which you can create various systems, for example, a smart thermostat, an automatic feeder for animals and other gadgets.

    There are currently over 60 elements in the LittleBits module suite. According to the developers, even a child can assemble a full-fledged device from the elements of the designer; here, deep knowledge in electronics is not required. The cost of modules ranges from $ 99 to $ 249.

    According to Dmitry Grishin, technological literacy of people is the ultimate goal of a littleBits startup, an investor fully shares this goal.

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