PlayStation Classic uses PCSX ReARMed emulator for work, there are no proprietary solutions

    A few weeks ago on Habré was published the news about the release of a new modification of the PlayStation One by Sony. We are talking about the incarnation of a classic console, using modern hardware and software, that is, in fact - a hardware emulator, and not a full console. Anyway, but for gamers such a gadget is a gift of fate. The proof is the record sales of NES Classic Mini and SNES Classic Mini, released last year and the year before by Nintendo.

    We can expect that the PlayStation Classic will repeat the success of its "distant relatives", despite the higher price - $ 99.99. As promised by the developers, the console comes with 20 built-in games, almost all of them are platinum hits of previous years. Let me remind you that on sale this device will appear on December 3 of this year. The other day, the journalist of the online resource Kotaku had the opportunity to evaluate a modern replica of the old console.

    He confirmed the original statements of Sony, including the fact that the controllers are connected via standard USB ports. In addition, with this console access to the game menu opens on the same principle as the Nintendo NES and SNES Classic Mini - you need to press the Reset button. The button that should open the CD drive performs a similar function - it replaces the “discs” when playing a title that takes up several compacts.

    So, the journalist managed to play the old hits on the new console, according to him, everything is fine with the performance and graphics - as much as it is relevant for the original Sonya of the first model. The most interesting thing is that the console uses the PCSX ReARMed emulator to play old games .. This is an open source platform, so anyone can use it, even Sony, which is a proponent of proprietaryity in everything from software to memory cards and cable connectors.

    In principle, the logic in this is - after all, why make specialized software and hardware, if you can take ready and public access? Nintendo acted differently, the company decided to make its emulator, and now it will be loaded onto modern hardware, not proprietary. Sony went the easiest way.

    The games, according to the journalist, look pretty good on an HD display, although some of them, including the Ridge Racer Type 4, look a bit "blocked".

    As for the games themselves, almost all are represented by European games. Although not all - for example, Final Fantasy VII at launch produces a message with the usual many American gamers “Licensed By Sony Computer Entertainment of America”. The same titles like Battle Arena Toshinden, Grand Theft Auto and Tekken 3 show a splash-screen from the "Licensed By Sony Computer Entertainment Europe" .

    Inter-regional versions for Sony games have a small difference, but it is not too significant.

    The PlayStation Classic allocates a separate virtual memory card for each game. When you exit, save and return to the menu, the icon of the saved game data that you can view or delete appears in it. Everything is approximately the same as it was with the original console.

    By the way, you can save almost anywhere in the passage, but only in one slot of the card - the second one cannot be used, so new data overwrites the old ones. This is somewhat inconvenient, but it is worth remembering that in the old games on the PS1 it was possible to save only in certain locations, which still needed to be able to reach. Nevertheless, Nintendo with its Classic Mini allocated four slots for this purpose at once, which is very convenient for passing.

    According to the beta tester, the user interface is minimalist - there are no nice nostalgic buns, although perhaps they would be in place. The prefix just works, and performs its functions without problems. The case design is the same as the original, only smaller. The games are the same, although they run through an emulator, the controllers are also about the same.

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