Interesting weekend events

    As always on Monday, a short selection of what you might have missed over the weekend.

    Singer Taylor Swift forced Apple to change the terms of the agreement with the musicians as part of the streaming service.

    The entire batch of human-like Pepper robots sold out in 1 minute .

    Law on the import substitution of software and the rationale for foreign procurement for the state. customers adopted in the third reading of the State Duma.

    "Youfikator" on Node.js from "Habrahabr".

    Robotic constructor "TRIC": reverse pendulum .

    Homemade accessories for Dendy.

    How the PVS-Studio team improved the Unreal Engine source code .

    Lurkomorye goes into"conservation" mode .

    On the priorities of space expansion.

    The history of computing and counting: “So the ancients believed” - Babylon .

    Scientists warn of another great extinction of species .

    The audience of the "anonymous" search engine DuckGoGo has grown 7 times .

    And in conclusion - the 5th part of the “Eye Project” .

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