Apple Music will pay royalties to musicians during testing service

    Apple previously announced that musicians whose works are featured on Apple Music will not receive royalties during testing of the service. The corporation justified its position by the fact that the test period, which will last three months, will be free for users, Meduza writes . Accordingly, the project has not yet received any money, and contributions to the musicians will not be made.

    Following this announcement, singer Taylor Swift announced that her latest album would not be featured on Apple Music. According to the singer, the decision to not pay royalties is unfair. Moreover, Swift, according to her, is worried not so much about herself as about other, less well-known authors.

    Currently, the royalties that will be paid to musicians during the Apple Music trial period are not reported. But after the commercial launch of the music service, songwriters will receive a little over 70% of Apple Music’s revenue.

    Apple's senior vice president of Internet solutions and services, Eddie Kew, has already stated that all complaints from musicians are taken into account. It doesn’t matter who leaves the complaint - Taylor Swift or independent performers. Kew also added that the corporation wants artists to receive a reward for their music.

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