7 interesting UX tools for working on a project

Original author: Alex Ivanovs
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To create truly high-quality products, you need to understand the needs of users and their behavior. This understanding can be achieved using various analytics tools.

In our today's material - a selection of 7 interesting, but not particularly well-known on RuNet tools that will help business owners who decide to come online to understand the desires of their potential customers.

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Notism is a platform for working together on visual materials and video, which is perfect for companies from creative industries (design, advertising, media, architecture, entertainment, etc.). Using this tool, you can turn static screens into interactive prototypes of web and mobile projects, as well as conduct usability testing without the need for writing and a line of code.


This set of UX tools allows you to conduct remote user tests - for example, sorting cards or tracking the distribution of clicks on a page. In addition, the package also includes a set of tools to increase conversion and another one for collecting feedback from users in real time. When you purchase a subscription, you can use all three packages.


Easy-to-use tool for working on design elements. With it, you can organize teamwork on any graphics (and simplify adding notes to them) - site mockups, application interfaces, logo, etc. Thus, thanks to Firefly, team members can discuss different design options and immediately propose new solutions to various problems.


The HotJar service helps companies understand how visitors actually use the site. It includes various tools for analytics and conversion, for example, heat maps, a module for recording user actions, analysis of funnels and web forms, there are also separate modules for conducting surveys - each of these elements is accessed from a single interface, which is very convenient.


Using Proto.io, you can quickly create prototypes of mobile applications that are very similar to the final product - this is useful for collecting feedback from users, discussing ideas within the team and conducting demonstrations of the project, for example, before investors. Thus, a business can achieve its goals without additional development costs.


A great way to test anything from interface mockups to text on site pages or the appearance of icons. In 15 minutes, Pickfu will conduct a survey among 50 users who will tell you which of the presented options for business solutions they like more and why. Such a quick qualitative and quantitative analysis helps when working on a project using the iteration method.


An easy-to-use analytics and heatmap creation platform that is useful to developers, marketers and UX professionals in their work to improve the product and achieve better conversion rates and increase sales. Ptengine uses technologies for click analytics, scrolling, and accounting for the distribution of user attention. The service collects and analyzes data for desktops, smartphones and tablets, which allows companies to access different information from one point.

Decibel insight

The technology used by the Decibel Insight project is patented and helps companies of all sizes squeeze more out of their sites. With this tool, you can conduct tests to determine which content works best, in which place on the page you need to place it in order to get the most out of what top clients like most. Interface optimization can be carried out not only on the desktop, but also on mobile platforms.


Of course, we didn’t list all the existing tools for business development (for example, using a callback widget can also bring good results ), but this is a good list to start working on studying users and their desires.

Analytics is a complex and lengthy process, but with its help you can really bring the project to a new level.

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