How professionals work. Ivan Golov, Business Development Director and Partner at Digitalizm Agency

    The column "How Professionals Work" again at Megamind presents to readers another highly skilled specialist in the Russian IT market.

    Meet Ivan Golov, partner and director of business development of the already international agency Digitalizm . Current location: Moscow Current employment: DIGITALIZM, Business Development Director | Partner One word that best describes how you work: Two words: with pleasure. It seems to me that this is the basis of any success. How many hours a day do you work? 7-8 hours, standard business day. I check mail and answer around the clock, but I do not consider this work. Current mobile device:

    iPhone 6 core and iPhone 5s. I tried different Android, but could not get used to them even as a second phone for tests and demos.

    Current computer:
    Lenovo Think Pad Carbon X1 at work and MacBook Pro at home. Although he practically stopped using a computer at home, the phone is enough.

    What applications, programs, utilities can you live without?
    Google Mail and Calendar, Excel, Power Point - these are the main programs for me, I can do without the rest.

    What kind of life hack helps you save time?
    • Home, work, gym 5-10 minutes drive from each other.
    • Always check mail, sometimes a timely response to a letter can save many hours of unnecessary work.

    Which to-do manager do you use?
    Google Calendar for scheduling appointments. The rest is in the head.

    What do you listen to when you work?
    I don’t listen to anything, since most of my work is communication and meetings.

    What are you reading now?
    I re-read “Masters and Margarita”. I like to re-read books, as perception changes over time.

    Which book of the last read was the most memorable?
    Michael Gerber's The E-Myth Revisited is a lot of simple good thoughts about entrepreneurship.

    Do you use electronic readers or prefer paper books?
    I read on the iPhone through Bookmate or the Kindle app.

    How much time do you sleep?
    7-8 hours on weekdays, on weekends - 10.

    Are you an owl or an early bird?
    More like an owl, but when you need to, I get up early in the morning easily.

    How do you have breakfast?
    Porridge: spelled, hercules, quinoa. Or a protein shake.

    How do you spend time on the way to / from work?
    Driving, listening to music.

    What advice have you ever been given you can pass on to others?
    "Leave nothing for the natural course of things." This phrase has an informal continuation - colloquial, but very vital.

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