Show must go on

    Show me the business where everything goes according to plan? Most likely this business is still in the head of its creator. If you have real customers with real expectations, do not disappoint them. And this, indeed, is not as simple as it seems. There is always a chance of failure.

    On June 12, during a concert in Swedish Gothenburg, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl suffered a serious leg injury by jumping from the stage, but continued to perform despite this. The musician was injured after only two songs played. Honestly, rock stars often end up in different situations, all the same it's rock)

    Dave was taken to the hospital, and after his return the group continued their performance. I envy those who attended this concert and will be able to say: “I was there when Dave Grohl broke his leg and returned!”

    When your business flies into the pipe, apologize to your customers. Do not give up just like that. Fulfill your obligations, whatever the cost and you will be remembered.

    Here is a video clip of the concert. For a long time I have not seen anything more inspiring.

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