Does a low-traffic site need a callback?

    Continuing the posts on comparing the popular services “Comparison of Callbackhunter, UpToСall, RocketCallback, HookMyVisit and Leadhacker callback services” and “Callback - a great overview of callback services” .

    In the article I will give only facts and my conclusions about the need for such "chips."

    I’ll make a reservation right away: for a long time I thought that all these services are complete nonsense, which takes away the time of visitors and the money of the site owners. But by chance, I checked the operation of one of the services on my client. Moreover, this is a site with fairly modest attendance and an "old" design.

    I started by ordering a call back in several services (it was a day off, in my opinion, on May 11):

    The only one who called back was Chaser, and they worked with him.

    There were no problems with the setup: I put 3 phones with a switch after 8 seconds of “no response”. Most of the calls "fell" to the first number. Chaser for 2 minutes trying to reach the managers, sorting through the numbers (you can set the sequence). I decided to make testing tough: the form popped up in time, with prolonged inactivity, and always when trying to close the page, regardless of whether the widget was shown to the user earlier or not.

    I did not change the appearance settings. Took everything standard.

    There was one mistake with the first call - I did not warn the managers that they had installed the service, as a result, the company employee did not wait for the site visitor to pick up the phone. All the rest went without a problem.

    We will leave aside subjective moments such as the effect on the conversion of website design. We believe that this is an ordinary resource, of which there are many and which the company began to seriously engage in literally 2 months ago.

    Some statistics of calls

    176 minutes, 24 calls, 1 month of work. Only 2 times, those who requested calls did not pick up the phone.

    12 out of 24 ordered a call when they were about to leave the site. If you dig a little deeper, then with this we hooked 0.4% of such users. By the way, the conversion of the button is even higher: 5.7%, because after closing the pop-up window, users then looked for the opportunity to contact the manager and clicked on the button. Conversions for other triggers are below.

    This is the question of "rigidity" - it works great! Without a doubt, I myself am annoyed by such things, but if we are talking about a really expensive purchase - why not take advantage of a free consultation?

    The price per minute for the tariff I use is 20 rubles (I note that the most disadvantageous one was taken for the test, so see the prices adequate below). In any case, whatever you use, calculate the cost of the application after 3-4 weeks. In our case, since the calls are quite long (more than 6 minutes) it is almost 74 rubles. So keep in mind that for a company that offers goods and services with a relatively low cost, the use of such a service can be disastrous.

    A few words about the service and support

    • Only they returned from their own form (although it was a day off)
    • Set up and install in less than 15 minutes
    • You can connect with analytics systems and specify as a goal a call, a widget, etc. - I have not seen such an extended set for analytics in anyone.
    • In the statistics of the service itself there is an extended analytics: the referral source, the page from which the call was ordered, utm-tags for analysis of advertising sources.
    • I liked that there are no hard scenarios
    • Very unobtrusive in terms of selling their services
    • When it was necessary - quickly reached out to technical support and even the development department, they did not kick me from phone to phone
    • At my request for testing, they gave me a bonus in the form of a free balance replenishment

    Cost comparison with industry leader

    In general, Chaser costs 2 times cheaper than the popular Callbackhunter. And level support. I can’t say how Callbackhunter works in terms of service, I didn’t use it.
    RateNumber of callsNumber of minutesCost, rub.The cost of a minute, rub.Call cost, rub.
    Optimum1092502 9901228
    Expert4351,0008 990921

    RateNumber of callsNumber of minutesCost, rub.The cost of a minute, rub.Call cost, rub.
    Wild cat34783 3504399
    Snow leopard5031,15743,6503887

    Nice buns in visit statistics

    Judging by the statistics in J. Metrika, the behavior scenario of most of those who called was like this:
    • The visitor came, the widget opened, he closed it;
    • I walked around the site, called the widget and called
    • I decided to change the tab or close the page - again display the widget

    Over the month of work, refusals decreased slightly (although this may be completely due to the fact that we are completing the site at an accelerated pace) and the duration of visits. This will have a good effect on behavioral ranking factors in search engines.

    New ideas for the site and company

    Such services are a great tool for managing managers. Not only statistics of missed calls are kept, but also conversations are recorded along with information about who received the call, from which city they called and how they got to the site.
    I myself listened to all the first calls and found an idea for filling the site. One of the visitors was looking for a company that is ready to sell him the production of glued beams. We decided to post information on the conditions for the sale of waste on the site to expand the circle of customers.
    In general, a very good solution even for companies with a small audience.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    What service do you use?

    • 7.4% Callbackhunter 5
    • 0% HookMyVisit 0
    • 1.4% Chaser 1
    • 1.4% Leadhacker 1
    • 2.9% RocketCallback 2
    • 17.9% Other 12
    • 68.6% I do not use callback 46

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