How “Teleportator” works: we go around the site with a client

    Do you often encounter a situation where a customer calls and says that he cannot find any product on the site or does not understand where to click in order to complete the service?

    In this case, explanations like:

    Move the cursor to the upper right corner, there will be a drop-down menu. Have you found? Now select the “Elephants” item ...

    - firstly, they take extra time, and secondly, they make the client feel like a listener to the courses “PC for beginners”. Sometimes it happens that this is not a fool client, and the site is simply inconvenient.

    Today, shops and companies ow how to process more requests and sell more additional goods and services with a high margin that bring the main profit (an arm for a TV, a cover for a DSLR, an excursion to the load on the tour, and so on).

    We did a convenient thing with which the manager can quickly display the necessary pages on the client’s screen (and vice versa). But first, why do customers in Russia call by phone, even if they can conveniently order through the site? Some obvious reasons you know. Add a couple of less obvious, but also important.

    Stirlitz in touch

    So why do customers call?

    1. The accounting system is not connected with the content management system. We all know the classic situation "On the site the goods are in stock, we call - there is no goods." For the assortment to be updated in real time, and not after the content manager manually updates the catalog, you need to connect, for example, 1C and Bitrix (or another site engine).
    2. The site is not as convenient as you think. It’s easier for a person to call than to dig into it. Put WebVisor and watch videos.
    3. The conversation is more reliable. What if the information on the site is out of date? (Now it’s not about the catalog, but about other service pages.) Are there any living people behind this “facade”? Who are they and how do they relate to customer service? Everything can be beautifully described on the site, and the manager will pick up the phone.
    4. The conversation is faster. Not so long ago, a good study was conducted when a person who wanted to buy a car left a request on the websites of two dozen car dealers. Some managers sent a letter "I am not in the office right now, call back later." Some answered only after hundreds of hours. And this is against the background of the car market sagging during the crisis. The buyer, by the way, was quite targeted and, in the end, bought a Toyota.
    5. I want to talk. Sometimes it's nice to torment someone for your money.

    In different subjects, the percentage of telephone orders ranges from 30 to 60%. Moreover, their cost is higher than the cost of the order from the site. You need to either spend your time talking, or educate and feed the operators, or lay a monthly budget for a “remote” call center, write instructions to them and worry that these outsiders will at least slightly please their soul about your business.
    Of course, when selling expensive, complex or additional services without a phone, nowhere. But I really want to, if not completely get rid of it, then at least somehow optimize this process.

    What solution do we offer

    If a visitor needs help finding a product or service, then the operator can demonstrate them directly on the client’s monitor using the Teleportator . It is enough to inform the operator of the code indicated on the page. It looks like a TeamViewer computer remote control system, but there is no need to install software. This is safe - the user's browser cannot be controlled if he has not enabled the service. Service can:

    • show the page that the operator is watching
    • show the page that the client is watching
    • move visitor to the selected part of the page
    • you can select the text and it will be highlighted by the client

    The visitor cannot be transferred to another site: you can only navigate within the domain name for which the Teleportator code is set. So we excluded the possibility of intercepting visitors by sorting codes and redirecting to competitors' sites.

    Process Details

    During a telephone conversation, an employee of the company asks the site visitor to click on the Teleportator button and dictate a four-digit access code.

    How it works on the Enter site.

    The operator translates the dictated code into the control panel.

    That's it, now the Krible server connected the two sessions into a common connection. The operator can request the address of the page that the client is currently viewing. One click - and the Teleportator transfers the URL from the client to the operator (makes a redirect in the operator’s browser).

    Now the operator sees the same page as the client. The dialogue is already becoming more substantive.

    And vice versa - the operator can show the necessary pages on the client’s screen.
    One click, the URL is transferred to the other side.

    The operator can highlight the selected text with a marker. To do this, select a section of text with the mouse and click on the "Send" button. The service displays the desired page on the client’s screen, scans to the required area and tint the selected text. It is very convenient for discussing clauses of a contract or pepper bulk price list.

    This communication method transfers a minimum of data, provides full cross-platform compatibility, does not require the installation of additional plug-ins and libraries.

    How else can I use the Teleportator?

    We noticed that some businesses that want to get a client offer him a personal discount.

    “This is your personal code to receive a 20% discount on your first order”

    Using the Teleportator you can do the same, just change the texts (this is set up in your account).

    The result is not only a discount system, but also an analytical tracker. In your personal account you can see all the events when the Teleportator is called, and in the event itself there is a lot of information on the client - geo-targeting, where it came from, etc.

    For whom did we make the service?

    First of all, for online stores and for those who sell tours - you can conveniently and quickly display hotels.

    But the Teleportator can be put on any site - it does not ask for a place, and it will be more pleasant for customers that they are well served.

    Technical part

    Since the release of the first version (it was 3 years ago), the Teleportator has been running Node.js. Socket.IO is used as a messaging transport. Never regretted that they used exactly this technical solution. We also support a small pool of virtual machines that perfectly withstand the spontaneous influx of visitors on "Black Fridays" and holiday days.

    Similar solutions

    There are, of course. Here, for example, is 3LiveShop's solution, interesting, but slightly futurological.

    They themselves write about the analogy with the scene in the “Minority Opinion”, where the character of Tom Cruise controls an interactive screen.

    And, of course, you need to buy additional equipment there. Everything is a little easier here.

    What do you think of our service?

    We will be grateful for the feedback. As usual with our products, you can take a free test for 14 days .

    And then we remembered a good joke about additional sales. True, in it the jeep is sold to the load of the fish hook, and not vice versa, but the point is that the efficient manager identifies the needs of the client and earns the store extra money - it was transferred perfectly:
    A young man from the province got a job as a salesman. At the end of the day, a manager approached him and asked:
    - Well, how many people have you made purchases today?
    - One.
    - One? In our shopping center, sellers, on average, serve from 20 to 30 purchases per day! Yes! And how much has the customer left at our center?
    - 102 516 dollars 17 cents.
    - What the ooh? 102 thousand 516 dollars and 17 cents ?! What did you sell him?
    - First I sold him a small fishing hook, then the middle one and then the largest one. Then I sold him the most fashionable fishing rod. When these purchases were packed, I asked where he was going to fish? He replied that in the Gulf of Mexico. To this I told him that there could not be a boat there. We went down to the boat department and I advised him to buy a twin-engine diesel boat. He liked it, but he doubted that his sports car would be able to tow such a boat. We went to the car department, and then I advised him with a jeep with a trailer. These are the purchases made by my first customer today.

    The manager with square eyes followed the story of his new seller:
    - You want to say that this buyer came to buy a fishing hook, but in the end bought a boat and a jeep with a trailer?
    - No no. He came to buy a pack of tampons for his wife. And I told him that since the weekend has failed, you can go fishing!

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