Apple can offer developers more

    Photo: Oleg Kharseev / Kommersant

    Currently, the profit from the sale of applications from the online store App Store, as well as sales of media content is divided in the ratio 70/30. At the same time, 70% goes to developers, and 30% to Apple. Now the corporation is considering the possibility of changing the model of profit distribution, writes Kommersant. One of the reasons, perhaps, is the requirements of developers writing applications for iOS. The fact is that placing the application in the Google Play catalog brings developers more revenue than placing it in the App Store.

    Changing the profit distribution model will now be applied not to all applications, but only to services where the purchase of a subscription or subscription system is provided. Now it is planned to introduce a new model for subscribing to magazines and newspapers through the App Store, television services or streaming music and video services such as Spotify.

    The distribution of such a model to all other applications is not planned yet. It is worth noting that now streaming music and video services are becoming more popular. So, according to a Nielsen SoundScan study, just over the past year, the popularity of streaming music services has grown by 54%.

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