Microsoft bought cross-platform task manager Wunderlist

    Microsoft has acquired the German company 6Wunderkinder. She developed the popular task manager Wunderlist . The transaction amount is not disclosed. A source close to the situation estimates it at 100-200 million dollars.

    The purchase of 6Wunderkinder was prepared as part of Microsoft's new strategy. The corporation plans to expand its line of mobile applications for corporate users. Recently released a mobile version of Microsoft Office free. It is not yet known exactly how Wunderlist will fit into the Microsoft product line.

    Alternatively, rebranding can be considered, reports WSJ. This has already happened with the Acompli email mobile app that I bought.corporation last November. After the purchase, it turned into Outlook Mobile .

    In February of this year, the Sunrise calendar application was another acquisition . And in May, its developers announced integration with Wunderlist. Wunderlist is a cross-platform application that allows you to manage personal and team tasks. In addition, it supports synchronization between devices. Wunderlist was launched in 2011. Last December, its audience totaled about 10 million users. In November 2013, Sequoia Capital invested $ 19 million in it.

    The app has earned positive reviews from users of Android, iOS and Windows Phone. In March, the next version of Wunderlist was released with an updated design and an improved task management system.

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