A list of healthy IT's, or how not to ruin your life

    It was evening, there was nothing to do, and my back hurt. And I wrote on Habré. And habrovchane opened up in the comments and told me that someone has a pain and how to cope with it.

    Seriously, I did not expect how much the topic literally hurts, how many people responded and thanked, but the most important thing is how conscious the audience of Habr is! All this prompted me to go into the topic with my head.


    The topic of modern health is more acute than ever. We cripple ourselves by sitting at a computer.

    Think it does not allow you to be energetic and happy, interferes with people
    and the way you would like to be and who you are does not correspond because there are no forces. It accumulates every day, and it may scary to think about what it may turn out to old age, and maybe it will not work out, but I would like to reduce the likelihood, all the more I am not ready to pay for it every day with the lack of strength to remain happy! That is why the issue of health is so important to me.

    Amy Cuddy conducted a two-minute experiment - It turned out that even in this short time, the level of testosterone in those who were in the correct posture increased by 20%, while those who did not have it decreased by 20%. The level of cortisol was also significantly different: for the former it fell by 25%, and for the latter it rose by 15%.

    Under the cut, I tell and show and clarify this topic. And most importantly, you will be able to answer the question: "What should I do, specifically?"

    Manufacturers of many programs and health gadgets for health tell about some mythical processes in our bodies and tell what they are cool, based on these statements. Therefore, to begin with, I decided to make out what was happening in our body and how. I studied a bunch of conflicting links in great google. I'll try to tell you briefly about it.

    We sit for 8 hours, are obese and do not play sports, or it is contraindicated.
    In the east, it is believed that a healthy back is a sign of longevity, and not without reason. With an incorrect posture, breathing changes, hormone production changes, metabolism changes, and sacks of internal organs are attached to the spine. The saturation of the brain with oxygen depends on breathing, the immune system depends on the hormonal background ... In general, everything is like a chain.


    Let's see what the root of the problem is. Look at the picture of the pelvic bone, the strength of the reaction of the support and the gravitational force of the spine are not coaxial, which means there is a torque, ideally, the internal muscles of the back should compensate for this effect, but due to the fact that we sit for 8 hours, the muscles are greatly weakened, as a result the load falls on the inner contour of the vertebral discs, and the back resembles a question mark. Most of them are overweight, all because they lack activity. In many cases, people begin to think about it when they already have problems and advise you to do serious sports - to sentence you to pain and more problems.

    Here we need an integrated approach. First you need to rid the spine of displacement and / or hernia and / or curvature, according to the fact that if you do not do this and begin to strengthen the muscles you will not be better. Do not be lazy to go for a back massage, I seriously just massage, it is desirable to complete the course. Additionally, there is nothing difficult in this, on the way to work and home, spend 2 minutes to hang on the crossbar for at least 40 seconds. If it is difficult, they hung 10, rested a little, and another 10. It’s only 5 minutes a day, you don’t sweat and eliminate, but your back just needs to.

    Now that the vertebrae are on our way to straightening, we can strengthen our back. For a start, walking or slow and quiet running will do. Think in some cases, even 20 minutes a day is a doubling of the load. If you walk less than an hour a day, it is worth thinking seriously, it's time to change something. Walking is the best way and not only strengthens the back, but also burns calories in the best way, and it’s also safety-friendly. It is also a very good exercise - superman boat, you can at home, take a minute, at least 15 repetitions.


    And let's get rid of the negative impact. This will help work standing, frequent breaks and getting up. Remind yourself how you sit.

    80% of productivity comes in the first 45 minutes after the start of work, then you need to take a break

    Super! If you do it at least for 2 weeks, it will be noticeable how much more energetic and happier you start to feel. I would also get rid of coffee (chicory to help), chocolates, and choose food according to the principle, but does it look healthy at all? Seriously, no one forces you to get rid of fast food, there is healthy food there too. No, of course you can eat buns, I just want the thought that now, for the next 2 minutes, of course, it will be better, but in the long run, it’s like a blow to your breath, it’s not out of your mind.

    It may seem that this part was written for obese people. Not! I write each article for myself, I share it with you and with all my strength I try to do it
    not just entertainment, but a useful tool that will work, because all kinds of training programs and life changes do not work, the cause of change is
    always the action, and we do not act if something is difficult or not clear. Simplicity is a sign of performance. Do you follow all of the above?

    Nothing depletes and destroys the human body, as physical inaction - Aristotle.

    The next most important fact is that we are at work all the time, and then also at home looking at the monitor. You need to start with the fact that often the monitor is brighter than the environment, because of which too much light flows into the sandy eyes of the retina.

    Often we do not keep the distance from the eyes to the monitor, but it should be no less than your outstretched hand. And due to the fact that the distance of the focus of the eye almost does not change during the day, the eye muscles are overstressed, which leads to headaches and migraines, believe me, I know what I am talking about not by hearsay. Once every 20 minutes, take a break to look out the window to nothing, more precisely, it is very expensive and so easy.

    Exhaustion from long work at the computer or being in a room with artificial lighting can cause severe eye fatigue. Eye strain causes inflammation of the optic nerve. This is what can cause pain in the frontal part of the head and temples. If pain symptoms are ignored, then the headache only intensifies and may have more serious consequences - Wikipedia

    Well, how could I not mention a dream. The fact is that our eyes are the receptors responsible for producing melatonin, which is responsible for sleep, for preventing tumor formation and normalizing the state of the body. Once you try to get enough sleep, everything will become clear. Our eyes perceive the blue spectrum in order to determine the day or night and prepare our body for sleep.

    So, okay, of course everything is fine, but to be honest, how many of you are ready to implement at least the above, if honestly?

    Therefore, I compiled the “List of healthy IT's”
    comments on the previous post were a treasure of inspiration for me, so I decided to sort out the question as deeply as possible, to study what exactly is happening in our body.
    In this list you will find descriptions and names of programs and devices that will help you.

    Hope the list is helpful.
    With all my heart - Kirill Kukuliev.

    For those who have not seen the previous article.

    List again

    Why so serious?

    I would like to know what you think about the topic of health, what role does it take in your life?

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