Game of Thrones. Leadership lessons

    GotThe game of thrones is an excellent saga and an imitation of adaptation adapted to the phenomenon of mass culture with all its inherent attributes.

    When George Martin wrote the cycle of novels “A Song of Ice and Fire”, it was unlikely for his purposes to weave advice for businessmen and entrepreneurs into the story, but it so happened that they are there. In this case, I specify, but the given leadership lessons are suitable not only for entrepreneurs of course. Anyone can take advantage and change their life so that there are fewer dramatic events that resemble the plot of the Game of Thrones.

    The world of George Martin is full of unprovoked violence, black magic, unnatural connections and dragons, and fortunately there are not enough similarities with real life. If all this is thrown away, we get a straightforward story about how to become the best: the best warrior, the best ruler, the best politician and the best kingdom. And now this directly relates to entrepreneurial business and the way of thinking. So what leadership lessons can be learned from the history of the Seven Kingdoms?

    Vigilance is Virtue

    The ninth series of the third season brought me the brain once and for all. By that time, I had not read the series until that moment, so the “Red Wedding” was a complete surprise for me.

    The wedding of Edmoor Tully with Roslyn Frey in the walls of the Twins. Walder Frey and Robb's other standard bearer, Ruse Bolton, massacre at a wedding feast, in which unsuspecting Robb Stark and his whole retinue were brutally murdered.

    In my opinion, this episode in Game of Thrones is one of the most striking in its meanness and cruelty. Here, in general, I would like to note the work of George Martin, he drenches his goodies in batches, disregarding the opinion of the public, like the same Conan Doyle, who at one time had to resurrect Sherlock Holmes.

    Everything shown was extremely cruel, but from the point of view of business it is quite natural and teaches us a simple lesson.

    Always be alert and focused on what you are doing.

    Never underestimate yourself.

    If you watched the series, you are probably familiar with the phrase: “You don't know anything, John Snow!”

    Ironically, in general, the phrase is very far from the truth. Lord Eddard Stark’s illegitimate son, Snow quickly moved from the position of the white crow (there is also some irony here, in English this idiom sounds like “being the black sheep”, being the black sheep), to the position of the head of the Night Watch. What is the reason for such personal growth? It's simple, John Snow is not only a brave, intelligent and quick-witted, but also a reflecting hero, who believes in himself and the strength of his weapons, and is not afraid to follow his instincts - and this, as we know, the qualities inherent in every good leader.

    As a result, he won the respect of almost everyone around him, even the "wild ones." While others in the Seven Kingdoms were doing anything but the Seven Kingdoms, John Snow stood on the Wall and during that time turned into one who could, on equal terms with the rest, participate in the battle for the Iron Throne.

    No matter how weak you are, you should never underestimate yourself.

    Fortune loves the brave

    With their warlikeness and strength, the Dothraki could become a formidable force for all the peoples of the saga. However, the Lannisters, Starks and Baratheons are not afraid of them for one simple reason: the Dothraki are afraid of the sea, and everyone knows about it. Therefore, despite all their fighting skills and huge numbers, the fear of the nomads in front of the sea turns out to be a basin of concrete for them.

    In technological analogies, Dothraki like BlackBerry are large fish in their small pond, not paying attention to the possibilities of touch control. All this time, Apple was looking for new opportunities. As a result, BlackBerry suffers huge losses, and Apple turned the entire smartphone market upside down and made money on it.

    Be courageous to transcend your fears and fate will thank you.

    Expanding the capabilities of employees, reap the benefits

    Daenerys Targaryen is a unique girl, possessing enviable beauty, she is not devoid of intelligence and natural leadership qualities. If the content of the saga depended on me, I would have already dispersed everyone with a filthy broom (in Martin's style with rivers of blood), and she would already be sitting on a recycle chair.

    Over the entire time of the narrative, she repeatedly surprised her with her wit and wit, but most of all I liked the moment of the release of the "impeccable." After that, the service of ideal warriors moved to a qualitatively different level. The liberated "impeccable", having doubled, or even tripled their efforts, showed passion and devotion to those who liberated them.

    Any business replacing the need with a voluntary choice will be superior to its competitors. The ability to inspire employees is a rare skill whose value cannot be exaggerated.

    If you approach the work from the standpoint of the game and interest employees, the results will exceed all the wildest expectations. What can we say about the work "from under the stick"?

    Inspiration will always give better results than intimidation, even if you have a dragon for this.

    A true mentor will always stay with you

    “Sean Bean is dead! Long live Sean Bean! ” The head of the Stark House died at the very beginning of the saga, and yet his shadow continues to invisibly participate in this action. Our true teachers and mentors will stay with us for life. Their teachings and advice will be held with us, and then we will pass them on to our children and students, such a chain of generations.

    Such principles can be gleaned from the entertainment series if you watch it not as a “chewing gum” for the brain, but thoughtfully and slowly. Think what you are looking at, and look while thinking.

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