In connection with import substitution, Rostec and German company SAP are negotiating a joint venture

    State Corporation Rostec is in talks with the German company SAP . The possibility of localizing its software products and developing Russian software based on them is being considered. SAP is interested in creating a joint venture.

    According to the Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications Nikolay Nikiforov, the conversation about the joint venture has been going on since the Ministry of Communications announced plans to create a registry of Russian software. “After that, SAP came and said that it was ready to work on new conditions, including leaving license fees for its products in Russia,” the minister said.

    According to the terms of the resolution, only companies that are controlled by Russian shareholders by more than 50% and also deduct less than 30% of the turnover abroad can enter the register.

    The signing of the agreement was scheduled for Friday, May 29. However, the parties could not agree on all the necessary conditions. SAP representatives were not ready to discuss the details, pass the "Vedomosti", citing its own sources.

    Also on Friday it became known that Rostec has entered into agreements with IBM and Huawei . The CEO of the corporation, Sergey Chemezov, notes that cooperation with Huawei has begun a long time ago. Now it will move to another level.

    Together with IBM will be developed "trusted" equipment. This will eliminate the possibility of bookmarks in hardware and software.

    In July last year, Nikolai Nikiforov asked the SAP management for the source codes of his products. They were going to be analyzed by Russian experts.

    “Those companies that disclose the source code of their programs do not hide anything,” he noted. According to Nikiforov, the refusal to fulfill such a request may mean that the products have hidden undeclared features - the so-called bookmarks. These opportunities can be used for personal gain.

    Rostec is going to discuss the possibility of creating a joint venture only with those companies that are ready to fully localize their products in Russia.

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