How professionals work. Maria Lapuk, Head of Press Service of the IIDF

    “How Professionals Work” again at Megamind, introduces readers to yet another bright representative of the fair sex among the Russian market of information technologies.

    Meet Maria Lapuk, head of the press service of the Internet Initiatives Development Fund - IIDF .

    Current location:

    Current place of work:
    Internet Initiatives Development Fund

    One word that best describes how you work:
    Madhouse. But I think that this is the usual state of PR work.

    How many hours a day do you work?
    Around 10. I come to work at 8-9 and leave after 19, when most of the media went to print.

    Current mobile device:
    iPhone 5S, everything is commonplace. Too hard to refuse. A 6 Plus did not fit in size. But cool to play tanks.

    Current computer:
    Mac Air. There are no alternatives to this device.

    What applications, programs, utilities can you live without?
    Telegram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Yandex.Traffic, Uber, Parking, Sberbank and Tinkoff. This is a required set. Recently put Siliconrus, now also all the news in the push.

    What kind of life hack helps you save time?
    Get up early and get to the office without traffic jams. But ordering Uber is better than looking for parking.

    Which to-do manager do you use?
    Notepad, well, there is nothing more convenient than I would not try to use.

    What do you listen to when you work?
    Nothing, I listen to music in the car, but when I work, I can not listen to anything.

    What are you reading now?
    I'm trying to get in and buy a Biography of Mask, but so far there is nothing.

    Which book of the last read was the most memorable?
    Marx Earls, "The Herd" - about communication strategies. She looked at the process of communication differently.

    Do you use electronic readers or prefer paper books?
    I can not read books from electronic media. The whole point is to pick up the paper, flip through.

    How much time do you sleep?
    About 6 hours.

    Are you an owl or an early bird?
    I'm definitely some other bird.

    How do you have breakfast?
    I have breakfast in the office around 9am. Mark Earls and cottage cheese casserole tea.

    How do you spend time on the way to / from work?
    I listen to the radio, put off calls from the day when a long conversation is required. In general, everything is very useful.

    What advice have you ever been given you can pass on to others?
    The product does not sell itself (c)

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