Jazz sounds better on vinyl

Original author: Joe Peacock
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In our blog at GT we have repeatedly drawn attention to the topic Vinyl: talked about what's behind the return of vinyl, and brought criticism of the CD and vinyl. Today we’ll talk about the atmospheric story Joe Peacock published on his Medium blog .

I became the one who believes that vinyl jazz sounds better, and for that I had to lose everything

Joe sat on the couch and watched a record spinning on the player at the other end of the room. Plate. Vinyl. On the player. For him, this sketch meant cardinal changes in life. A couple of books , columns at CNN and the Huffington Post, and now a blog on Medium. Joe speaks of vinyl as something native, but just a few years ago, the very mention of a vinyl player made him laugh and made him say phrases like “hipsters” or “stupid, useless audiophile”. You can joke on this topic for a very long time.

Rental apartment. Roommate. East Atlanta. Turntables. I, two years ago, is now sitting inside me and shouting: “Dude! What the hell is going on in your strange future! ”

A purring cat sits on my lap, and in my hand I hold a cup of hot coffee. The light notes of John Coltrane's saxophone float around the room, filling the air with cool calm. The sun's rays fall on a freshly laid wooden floor, over which my friend and I cried when he was ready, because ... we were at home. And we gradually settled it.

Another sketch on the theme of coffee: notes of coconut milk and oil give the coffee with honey velvety hues. Now he cares about the nuances so insignificant for many. Joe likes crossfit and he started a domestic cat. He likes to listen to jazz in the morning, but some two years ago he would not be able to endure even a couple of minutes of music.

Two years ago, after months of discussion, abuse and showdown, he decided to divorce his wife. Further - more: a large supplier refused to cooperate with his company and the business had to be closed. Joe had to sell his house, or rather, the bank took him. He moved to a friend, time for journalism and sports flew by almost imperceptibly.

Day after day, I woke up, did sports, wrote, ate tuna, wrote, did sports, ate tuna and slept again. The time came when I could no longer lie idle. I needed a job. I urgently needed to stop inconvenience to Mike.

Joe talks about moving to Boston and looking for work. Work could help him cope with his worries and put himself in order. He didn’t really manage to find something worthy - the production companies were not eager to hire a guy who had only been firing his employees lately. I had to return to Atlanta and continue the search there.

What happened next: a job interview at Deloitte and the first job at a large corporation in the last 8 years. New job - new requirements. Joe's “New Look” combined shirts from the 70s and 80s with navy jeans and boots and more. It took him another year to build a life foundation.

After some time, he got the opportunity to return to the origins of his career and again engage in interesting online projects. Now he can go to a hot shower whenever he wants. He may not worry about the things he needs to sell in order to buy food, the old business and the old studio, or the house he built for himself and his ex-wife.

I love my life. I hope that if you are now in despair, then after reading all this you realized that everything will work out. But you must fix everything yourself. In fact, you are the only one who can do this. Believe me, everything should pass. When this happens, you will understand that everything you cherished was your choice, and now, continuing to move forward, you will be more selective.

Pour yourself a cup of coffee (add butter and coconut milk there ... believe me - it is very tasty) and get ready. You'll like it.

... And for reference, Coltrane really sounds better on vinyl.

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