Why do we need another CRM?

    CRM in the world a lot. Why "cut" another one? I tried to describe my urge for this action. Slightly literary, a bit hyperbolic, but honestly. Who cares - under cat.



         Tuk. Tuk. Tuk. Tuk.
    "The main thing is not to break loose," I thought. I rhythmically tapped the table with a pencil. "And breathe evenly." Tuk. Tuk. Tuk. “Also this sun is baking. No strength". Tuk. Tuk. Tuk. "Air conditioning forever has no money at the office." Knock Knock. Tuk. “And these stupid managers. They don’t know commonplace things. There is no understanding of the sale process. Not just no. And completely absent. From the word ABSOLUTELY. " "So. Breathe, breathe. "

    So I thought back in 2009

    I was the head of sales at a federal office. And sales went sluggishly. And although I made every effort to motivate staff, develop KPI, train, chew the whole process, those same sales were in no hurry to grow in my department. It was necessary to change something. But here is what? Staff? Sales Approach? Marketing policy? Pricing policy? Most of all I was upset by our current CRM system. It seems to be like she was available, but the effectiveness of her presence was minimal. It just fixed customers and sales. With my differentiated approach to evaluating a salesperson’s performance, such a system was just a 5m wheel. I understood. We need to put in a good, flexible, functional CRM, which will not slow down the work, taking 15% of the time for stupid filling of the fields, and help to sell, prompting the manager. Help him in finding relevant customers for current price offers. And help me in assessing the performance of an employee.

    And other, other, other. I realized what I was missing. I came to the current place when CRM was already standing. And he could not influence the choice. And now I will pick up a REALLY working tool! I started to analyze the CRM market.

    My requirements:

         The WEB version is desirable to immediately start working even with a thin client.

         At the head of everything is the Client, and all of his “Wishlist”.
    I should be able to sort by all kinds of fields, search by text, make selections by region, industry. I wanted to choose clients for EVERYTHING, well, i.e. generally ALL parameters. By the color of the eyes of the secretary. In length ... hmm ... the boss's car. The height of the office building. THROUGHOUT!
        The second place of importance for me is the staff.
    My employees must live in CRM. Write out invoices, make payments, form applications, discuss the client on the forum, operate files on the current transaction (attach instructions, for example, or a certificate).
        My seat is at the helm.
    “Accounting and control,” as the great leader said. We can not disagree. I wanted to see not only all the actions of employees, but also analytical calculations on these acts. I wanted to know the correlation between the number of sent KPs, calls made and the amount of the transaction. I wanted to understand why one employee is more efficient and brings 30% of the revenue to the department, and the other, with the same efforts, cannot make 10%. Although visually they work equally hard. An ideal dashboard with a bunch of cool indicators would be ideal. One look at which would give me an understanding of the whole picture in my department. Plans, their implementation in rubles and percent. Revenue Active deals. "Dead" deals. And so on.
        A variety of “integrations” were a plus
    They are not primary, but make life easier. Mass mailing, telephony, financial analysis, company knowledge base.

    Having compiled a list of my requirements, I began an active search for a candidate. The results, to put it mildly, "did not impress me." The gloom of the market passed on to me. The market was represented by 3 types of products:
    • Monsters . You yourself all know their name. "Speakers." The cost of a place is from 750 Baku commissioners. Plus implementation. About the same. “There is no money for air conditioning. Not to mention the 6 jobs in CRM, ”I thought. And the monsters went to scare others with their prices.
    • Foreign localization. These are different vTigerCRM and others like them. I had high hopes for them. In vain. Work with the Russian language in these products was, if not in fifth, then in third place for sure. I thought I could handle it. Naive. A stupid search for a company by name caused such hemorrhoids. Products simply refused to sort the companies by name in the correct order. The sorting looked like this: AZ, everything else in a heap. In addition, the Russian language is approximately 1.5 times longer than English. And the button with the inscription “Add client” turned into “Ext. client ”and all the same letters climbed beyond the borders of a button or menu and blew up my perfectionist brain with its appearance. After suffering a couple of months, I threw out all hopes to wait for normal localization.
    • Domestic developments . SalesExpert, TerraSoft, 1C: CRM. These "crafts" not only did not fall under item 1 of my wishes, but they were clearly written by programmers for programmers. The head of the sales department apparently advised developers only on SMS. And even then some, apparently, reached “beaten”. Linear perception of reality. Lack of understanding of the nature of sales and the needs of salespeople. Everything is just like a rake. Customer-contact-transaction. Of course, there is a delimitation of rights. Of course there is a calendar. But this is all too straightforward. I needed tuning tools. It also offered a chisel and a hammer.

    Looking at this whole zoo, I realized that I can’t see happiness. But, as you know, every blacksmith of his own happiness. And I made a crazy decision: I will do my own CRM. Itself. For myself. The way I understand the sales process, staff motivation and control of the sales department.

    At the moment, YoollaCRM has almost completely fulfilled all my dreams of perfect CRM. She answers all points of my Wishlist. Somewhere more, somewhere less. But I know for sure that this CRM is written by a salesperson for salespeople. I am inspired by the experience of the developers of the notorious Rosegardenwho, without finding a tool for their own music making, wrote their own, so much so that it became the best in its class. And, although, at the moment, a huge number of players are getting involved in the game (Bitrix, Megaplan, Naumen, AmoSRM, FreshOffice, etc.) I still feel as if I were in 2009. Players create products that are either primitive (to "be closer" But in reality they solve 2 or 3 problems and are no longer suitable, but everything is covered by an “airy” design), or they are monstrous and include a famous card game and famous ladies.

    I still see that Yoolla solves sales problems only with smart executives. Those who want to think. There is no design for design. In it, each screen pixel is filled with information for making a decision. It does not have beautiful large avatars, bubble dialogs or responsive design for the iPhone. But it has everything that I wanted in 2009 and what professional sales people want in 2015. Analytics (50+ reports), samples by an infinite number of criteria, own presentation of lists, indicators on the whole desktop, meeting you in the morning. One look at them, and you understand who today is "not going to grandma." Much has been done and much remains to be done. The market is changing and Yoolla is changing with it. But the main ridge of the system remains unchanged. That's what I will tell about him in the following articles.


    Who is not familiar with our product - please join. Listen to your feedback. Only a request in the comments to write who you are by profession so that it doesn’t turn out like this: “I’m a kind of sales manager, but the circle in the left corner does not fit in my mind with a blue frame and text.”

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