RBC Internet projects in 2014 reduced revenue

    RBC provided reporting on the activities of the media holding in 2014. According to IFRS reporting, RBC's Internet projects in 2014 earned less than the previous year. At the same time, the revenue of such segments as “hosting”, “business Internet” and “mass Internet” decreased by 6%, Roem.ru reports . Nevertheless, an indicator such as EBIDTA grew immediately by 64%.

    Now the RBC hosting business feels the best. Note that the holding owns such registrars as PO1, RU-CENTER, Reggae, as well as RBC hosting company. In this direction, revenue growth was recorded, immediately by 6.6%. In monetary terms, this figure increased from 1.501 billion to 1.6 billion rubles. The growth of EBIDTA was also seen, from 221 million to 258 million rubles.

    At the same time, in the “Business Internet” direction (these are the sites rbc.ru, cnews.ru, autonews.ru), revenue fell immediately by 13.3% (from 1.946 billion to 1.688 billion rubles), but rose by 71% EBIDTA (from 359 million to 615 million rubles).

    The entertainment area “mass Internet” has also become profitable, with EBIDTA growing from 30 million to 32 million rubles. The total revenue of the segment with resources such as qip.ru and loveplanet.ru fell by 19.6%.

    According to the management of RBC, the holding's revenue decreased by 10%, to the level of 4.9 rubles. At the same time, the net loss was more than revenue, increasing to 6.9 billion rubles (a 6-fold increase).

    The main reason for the decline in revenue, according to the explanations of RBC representatives, was the fluctuation of the ruble exchange rate and the reduction of non-cash operations.

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