Research: why now it is customary to mark with the symbol “X” all scientific, technological, flagship, innovative

I want to tell the readers of Megamind about a global experiment that began long ago and continues to this day. It will be about the use by large corporations and companies of special characters and signs in the names of their products, the names of the companies themselves and services to attract people's attention. At the same time, we learn one of the success factors of the Habrahabr project.

Usually, new information appears on western sites and only then is spread across the network through copy-paste and adaptation to other languages. Everyone has already come to terms with the fact that something innovative or insider cannot appear in our network segment. Our team decided to correct this injustice and in my face will unveil something prohibitively new and shocking.

You will not find anything like this in the Snowden archives, Humpty Dumpty swept past with a bang, and Dan Brown promised to eat his Da Vinci Code live if we gave our secret to him to create another bestseller.

So let's go!

Scientists have often noted that a group of people can act as one cohesive organism. The larger the group, the stronger the signs of “crowd intelligence,” the stronger the connection between individuals. If we can develop various methods of influencing one individual, then we can scale up methods and groups of people. The only difference is that the human brain is subject to mental, chemical and psychological influences, and completely different tools are needed to control the “brain of the crowd”. They have to be invented from scratch.

Global companies are interested in consistency. They make a profit, customers automatically repeat the learned actions on the machine - everyone is happy.

The collective brain of the crowd acts in the same way as the brain of one person. He is lazy, he loves to follow the same routes, he loves when they help him with a choice, decide for him, but at the same time keep the illusion of “exclusivity” of each client from the crowd.

Consumer and producer are on opposite sides of the barricades. In our case, we are on the side of the manufacturer, company, startup, entrepreneur, so we need tools to influence the buyer, future customer and just the consumer.

It is important for us that the consumer does not change his habits, that he remains a loyal fan of our product, that he purchases in one store, wears clothes of one favorite brand, visits the same sites, his automatic actions must obey our commands. To develop these commands, it is necessary to study consumer behavior in bulk. For this, there are all kinds of counters, analyzers, metrics for sites. Cameras in supermarkets track the movement of customers around the store, chips in discount cards analyze purchases and the amount of money spent by the client, fitness trackers and GPS receivers track the movement and condition of people.
A whole virtual add-in for analyzing the "Big Data of Life" of consumers around the world on the one hand, and on the other, active methods and techniques for influencing the customer’s minds in the field (in stores, on websites, in advertising).

Received gigabytes of data from counters and security cameras, proven psychological techniques for crowd control, hundreds of theories and brainstorming of scientists from the world merged into one and produced a simple and elegant solution.

Companies needed one well-developed clear super-reception and they started to artificially create it, like X-Ray like in Mortal Kombat.

And they created it.

Meet: the symbol of the XXI century! A special symbol, letter, icon - it began to be promoted back in the 80s of the last century, to develop a recognition reflex, a motor reflex - "saw, run to it, grab it." Wow effect - it’s customary to celebrate everything scientific, technological, flagship, innovative with the “X” symbol. Xtra and luxury products. Even Lada X-Ray knows about this. Are you not yet?

How did it happen? Why X? Does it really work?

People believe in signs, symbols act on our consciousness more strongly than beliefs and logic. China, where a huge number of people live, is considered the most superstitious country. The larger the crowd, the stronger the influence of symbols on it. If old signs, magic numbers, icons and pentagrams have such an effect on people, why not introduce your own, special symbol, for your needs?

The symbol X is just such an experimental sample. They chose the most unused letter of the English alphabet and started pumping, building authority, inventing superstitions, signs, creating the necessary areola around the icon. If signs and superstitions are born spontaneously, uncontrollably, then the symbol X is in sensitive hands, grows under the control of the media and is aimed at performing specific tasks.

If this is true, then how was the symbol introduced and fixed in the minds of the consumer?

Consider the options:
  • Games. In many games, the cursor on the target is a cross (aka “x”). In this way, a grasping reflex was developed, when it is necessary to take an object or use any mechanism in the game, a cross should be drawn on it. Open / close the dialog box. Attack - shoot at the target through the "+". Get to the desired location on the map marked with marker X.
  • Almost all luxury cars have an “X” in their names. BMW X series (1-8), Mazda RX, Jaguar GX, Ferrari XX, Nissan X-trail, LeXus. Volvo XC ... hundreds of them. Thus, the association of the “X” symbol with luxury, comfort, reliability, power was consolidated.
  • Scientific and technological. Google X is a secret laboratory where the most innovative products from Google are created, as many as 250 employees work on something secret and technological. The famous TED conference introduces X when it decides to go global. TEDxLondon (xMoscow, xSkolkovo, substitute your city). Global edX online learning project, over three hundred courses, tens of thousands of students. SXSW conference, which opened for us Twitter, Google Glass and hundreds of other innovations. Celebrities, scientists perform at SXSW, world stars entertain the audience. All this works on X. Computer technology is replete with Xs: laptops, video cards, memory cards, headphones. Full of everything with the X, and of course, this is the most advanced and cool. Xbox, so generally, the double X. Our universal favorite is Elon Musk, behind him is Space X, Tesla X, (which became Paypal, but this is another no less interesting story). Xerox - invents the first user computer and sells it to Apple.
  • Videos, shows, series. X Factor - the most successful show on TV, an audience of hundreds of millions. Discover your talent with X. The most hyped online movie theater NetfliX. Billions of hours of movie watching under the X brand. X-men - the best-selling comic book in the world, even won a Guinness record. Cinema IMAX. Film Studio XX Century FOX.
  • Everyday smartphones: Xiami, NeXus, Xperia, iPhone six (6) +, HTC one X, Nokia X, Moto X, TeXet, GalaXy, Vibe X, Meizu MX ... Communication is X.
  • Military equipment. A secret project for the US Army, code-named X. Aircraft of a new generation, more than 50 models of aircraft, missiles, etc. The coolest private army is Xe. The fastest planes and helicopters, of course, are labeled X. Speed ​​is X.
  • Everything for home, life and comfort. AX, ReXona, KleeneX wipes, RoleX watches, MAX factor mascara, contex, KoteX, MaXwell coffee, Dirol Xfresh, TwiX sticks. These are just a few examples that are easy to remember.
  • Symbols on the packaging of goods which indicate: additional benefits (+ 30% happiness), increased effect (x3 triple freshness), increase in volume (x2 double volume). Where "X" - there are benefits and discounts.
  • The introduction of new words in everyday life. Extra is now Xtra, Christmas is now Xmas, User Experience is now UX, kiss is now X, experience is now XP, escape is now Xscape, expose is now Xpose, etc.
  • Pharmaceuticals It is believed that almost every fifth drug in the last five years includes the “X” in the name. Coldrex, Nexiun, Maalox, Effexor XR, Valtrex and others. X - heals and brings billions .
  • Erotica and hot topic is usually indicated by three Xs, domain zone .xxx
  • Programming languages, engines, software. C ++, Apple Xcode, X-Architecture, Cocos2d-x, Atom X. Using X - as unknown in the equations in ancient times, Descartes began to apply. Popular engines for online stores: Bitrix, ModX, X-Cart, etc.
  • Massive use of Roman X instead of the generally accepted 10. A tenth of Mortal Kombat X, an album by Kylie Minogue X, ten years of Mad Money X, a tenth of Might and Magic X, Windows 9 X.
  • Collaborations of artists, video clips where the names of performers in the title are written through "x".

Thus, technology, luxury, double benefit, success, speed were assigned to the X symbol, and all this was put on a grasping reflex. You see X on the package or in the name - you need to take it.

What else can be noted from the Xtra class series?

One megafactory (FOXCONN) produces parts for all smartphones (!) And readers, one manufacturer (NXP) creates microchips for cars, medical equipment, bank cards, one factory (LuXottica) produces 80% of all points in the world, one billionaire writer, James Patterson, earns on the literary series (AleX Cross) more than all other writers combined, (ExXon mobile) is the largest private oil company in the world, the three most common operating systems for PCs (Windows XP, OS X, LinuX), 淘宝网 is the most large retail trading platform Ki Taya, FedEX is the fastest delivery service.

Ohhh, and of course Lada XRAY, Lada XRAY Cross and YandeX.

X is in trend: Microsoft is in such a hurry to put X to itself that they missed Windows 9, they switched directly from the eight to the tenth Windows (10 = X), the tenth Mortal Kombat was advertised everywhere as X, Nike released the NikeFootball X collection, the directors dug up old Mulder and Scully and restarted X Files. X - lights the stars.

There are a lot of examples, this allows us to confidently state that X appears in the names not in a random way. Everything is clearly calculated and verified.

All these companies use one proven technology to distribute their products and their influence. The same principle as with human thinking: the development of one pattern-reflex, which is triggered by the appearance of a certain symbol in the name of the product or on the packaging of the product. Putting X was a good form, or a good sign.

According to my forecasts, the topic will exist for another two years, at least. If you have a quality product, service or services, then feel free to use the “X” symbol. He showed himself from the best side, the template is fixed in the consumer’s subcortex, in the Western market they have already begun to guess about this chip, we still have only weak attempts. You can take on arms and use while the topic is working.

Where did this magical symbol come from? Why does he have such an effect? Examples of other successful X-projects and all kinds of X-versions can be seen in the book: Gregory Ross "Time X". The most fantastic version can be found in the book.

Perhaps someone can tell their versions: why the symbol "X" can be found in almost every popular brand or company?

And the most important thing. The effect of the article you will see immediately. Gradually, during shopping trips, you will come across products with x names, on forums and news portals you will increasingly begin to notice the names of products with X. Enter “X” a couple of times in the search and get tons of x-ads in Yandex.Direct and Google Adsense. X will begin to surround you from all sides. And only then you will feel the effect.

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