Networks for government agencies can be built at the expense of operators

    Photo: Anton Belitsky / Kommersant The

    network infrastructure that will be used by government agencies for the country's defense and security needs may be funded from private companies. To create integrated communication networks, it is planned to create a special fund where transfers of telecom operators will be accumulated, Kommersant writes . In this case, all operators will be required to transfer to such a fund 0.9% of revenues from communication services. According to experts, if such a fund had been created in 2014, its volume would have amounted to 7.5 billion rubles.

    So far, the idea of ​​creating a specialized fund is only being considered - this is not yet a 100% real project. It is worth noting that the idea itself is not promoted by the Ministry of Communications, but “by one of the federal departments”. Perhaps this project is being proposed for implementation by the Federal Security Service (FSB).

    The very idea of ​​creating an integrated communications network has been promoted by the FSB for several years. The management of the department believes that the standard approach to ensuring information security of communication networks does not allow providing adequate protection against hacking or the introduction of malware during various kinds of informational special operations.

    Now, it seems that the creation of ASCs is closer to implementation than ever. So, the Ministry of Communications has already published the relevant amendments to the law “On Communications”. The law itself is proposed to be supplemented by Article 16.1, which discloses the definition of the ISS: "a network designed for the provision of telecommunication services for the needs of state authorities, the needs of the country's defense, state security and the rule of law."

    ISS, according to the plan, will not join public networks, and such networks will be managed centrally. Tariffs for services in such a network will be determined by the government.

    The Ministry of Communications has already reported that the bill of the ministry does not say anything about creating a new reserve.

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