9 signs that the interview went well

    Even if your interview did not end with the question “So when can you get started?”, According to experts, there are certain “indicators” confirming that it was successful.

    Below are 9 signs that are very likely to indicate that you will be called back and possibly made a job offer.

    1. The interviewer talks about the prospects for further development, taking into account the characteristics of your personal professional experience

    If the interviewer tells you what tasks the company faces and how they can solve them with your help, then this is very valuable.

    2. The interviewer asks how interested you are in working for the company.

    If your opponent really cares about your interest, if during the interview he occasionally stops and asks you what you think about a particular issue, this is clearly a positive sign.

    3. The interviewer asks about your job opportunities.

    If the interviewer is interested in whether you have already been interviewed in any other company or have already made any suggestions to you, this indicates his desire to find out what are his chances of getting you as an employee.

    4. The interviewer engages you in conversations on free topics.

    If during an interview you are asked questions about your experience, most likely this means that they want to communicate with you at a less formal level.

    5. The interviewer calls you by name

    Usually this eludes attention, but nevertheless, such an appeal suggests that they see you as their potential colleague.

    6. The interviewer introduces you to other decision makers

    Be sure that everything goes just fine if the interviewer starts introducing you to people who were not supposed to attend the interview.

    7. The interviewer is interested in having recommendations.

    Usually, it doesn’t come to recommendations until you are specifically interested, and accordingly, you can regard this as a positive sign.

    8. Interview lasts longer than anticipated

    Usually, all interviews with applicants for a company employee’s place are built into the work schedule between other scheduled meetings. So if the interview lasts longer, this clearly speaks in your favor.

    9. The interviewer provides you with a clear time frame.

    While some companies determine a strict period of time for which they need to find a new employee, others focus on finding the right person, even if the search continues for a long time. If the interviewer, finishing the interview, tells you exactly when they should call you back, you can be sure that this is a good sign.

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